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power of words

This weeks blog is going to be about how important it is to watch your words because they really have power to them.  

We don’t always think this way but your words can make someone smile, they can make someone cry, they can make you look smart, they can make you sound dumb. Your words are very important and it’s funny but maybe our parents were onto something when we were little and they said “if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”.  

Sometimes we get into a negative funk and we say things like” this is terrible” or the biggest one in the world is “I CAN’T”. These are very hard lessons to learn in life because a lot of times in life when we say things like this we are looking for someone to feel sorry for us and as we all know if you don’t believe in yourself there is no other person in the world that is going to pump you up.  

The motivational speakers really do have something when they teach us lessons like saying things like you are awesome and that you deserve the best. Making this a part of a meditation is a really good way to get started off on the right foot. Also, taking that extra time to think about what you are saying instead of just spitting it out. Think about times in your life where you have taken yourself down a bad road or a time in your life where you have taken the good road. How did we handle those situations? I would be willing to say that there aren’t a whole lot of times where you were totally negative and good things happened for you.  

The time that we have on this life plain is short. We need to wake up each morning and do all that we can to make sure that we are helping ourselves to have an easier time on it.  Life is not always going to be easy but we need to put positivity into it to make it easier to live here.  So then the question that was going through my head is what if your intuition is telling you negative things.  Maybe you should ask your guides or even yourself is that part of your intuition really coming from the right place and is it coming from the white light? We all have bad times but its how we handle them and how we react to them that determines how long the bad times are going to last. I guess where we go with all this is to ask ourselves, “Are the things that come out of my mouth helpful to myself and others?”. If not maybe hold those in and think about why you are wanting to express yourself in that way.  

Once again thank you for reading this blog and feel free to leave comments and your own ideas on positive thinking. This is a daily work in progress for many people including myself and helping each other is never a bad thing. Have a great week and remember in the words of our friend Maria. I get better and better every day in every way!



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