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psychic protection

Hey guys, this week’s topic is one that I haven’t thought about in a long time but definitely should never have let it slip my mind. It is a lesson that you learn in the earliest forms of psychic development classes.  It was a really awesome day on Sunday at our first psychic fair of the year as our friend Julie got to come out and read at the fair for her first time. We have had much success from the Tuesday night circles in the store as well as the psychic development classes that are held at the store with Elizabeth Howell.

I have the wonderful ability of being a empath. I was working in the store and out of the blue after taking care of a couple customers and I just completely broke down.  I didn’t have any issues or anything on my mind to make me break down like that except maybe the fact that I was tired. Melissa recommended that I go and have another session with Lovey. I agreed with this and I went back and did it.  Lovey had done a full session and said that she found a blockage in my head and my stomach.  I didn’t really think a whole bunch about it at that point. Yesterday when Melissa woke up she had an email from Lovey asking that I am using psychic protection. It didn’t really hit me until that point that I am always rushing things and not taking my time to white light myself or put up my walls.

You don’t ever want to go clear houses or go on ghost walks without protecting yourself.  A way to think about this is the most important part of protection each day is make sure that you put on your clothes, have your wallet, your cellphone, and all the things that you need for the day so you can keep your focus on the important things like holding up your shield.  Even things as simple as doing a drawing in a public place and not keeping your shield up could take on negative energy from people around you.  Back to the being ready for the day.  If you prepare yourself and wake up early enough to give you time to prepare yourself for the day you don’t leave yourself open to things like accidents or panicking to take your focus off of the psychic defense.

If you are feeling anxious one of the best ways to ground yourself is to walk out on open grass and be at peace with the earth,  If you can’t make it outside because of the cold weather or other reasons, you can get a living plant and keep two dark colored crystals in the plant.  You should always ground yourself if you get feelings or anxiousness, or have a lack of focus after doing psychic work or being in a place where people doing this kind of work are present.  You can also go on a walk alone to clear your head and body of this feeling. If you are a reiki master you can also use this ability to help ground yourself.

After this you will need to work on centering yourself.  Place your arms to your sides and envision the negative feelings leaving your body and only things of the white light or energies that you want in you being there.  Lighting a white candle for positivity or a blue one for healing on your heavy heart will also help in this situation.  After you have yourself feeling better you will need to shield yourself to make sure that you are protected. Many people do things such as chants, prayers, or talking to guides to help them with this. We all have different ways that we do this to help us in this matter.  I hope this blog has helped someone else out there. I know that this is an everyday skill that comes easy to many but I let myself slip by not keeping it in the top of my importance list. If you have any tips that you would like to share on this topic feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading the blog and have a great week! -Ian


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  1. Ian, OMG! ! It took years for me to figure out what was “wrong” with me. I am an empath. It took 50 years of living on earth to accept this. A few years ago I finally reached resolution. I’m still working on grounding techniques. I’m getting better although I often feel shaky at the least expected times. Even loved ones sometimes don’t understand when you feel so tired, so sad, so insecure, so helpless. And for no apparent reason. Oh and there are so many psychic vampires out there. Sometimes it hurts when people think you are being a big baby or trying to get attention. NOT TRUE!! Thank you for your insight. Support group? Think about it.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes I agree with your message, there are psychic vampires out there but they are not always aware that they are taking energy from someone else. I’ve found that it is harder for someone to take energy if I keep myself in a more positive mood and focus on gratitude. Protective energy is higher vibrating than destructive energy, which vibrates at a lower density. So it is difficult for someone with the lower density, negative vibrations to infiltrate someone who has lighter, higher vibrations within them.

    Arguments, negative thinking and stress can lower someone’s defenses leaving them open for attack, so I read a positive affirmation every morning to help build my defenses.

    thanks again for your message, Elaine

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