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Raising children in the new age



Welcome to another blog. This weeks discussion is one that we have in our house a lot. Living the new age or metaphysical lifestyle is really neat and positive way of living. How do you teach your kids to live this life and show them that the negative perspective of some people when it comes to this isn’t the way it is.

The most recent event in our house involved Melissa doing reiki on our son Runes head. He got giggly and said that it made him smile.  The feeling of that still stuck with him for the next couple of days. He always has an interest in things like this.  We aren’t sure whether either of our children are indigo or crystal children but we show them what we know and always try keeping it serious. Sometimes I wish that as a child I understood what things like meditation or chi could do for me. Growing up as an angry teen and having a lack of confidence as a child was a rough way to come up.  We have tried very hard in our household to instill confidence in our children while keeping things fun as well as serious.

It is quite a task keeping 10 year old boys focused or teaching them things where they have to stay locked on without it being a video game. I tried teaching the boys how to do runes at the beginning of the year. I made each of them thier own set of runes and also gave them a book to use.  You really have to do a good job of making it something that they want to do.  Making the things that you show young people something that they want to do and not something that you are pushing on them is a great way to get them interested.  

Obviously another really good tip that you can’t overlook is to keep it simple when teaching them.  You aren’t going to show a little kid some elaborate thing and expect them to care or want to do it. The big thing is to give them choices, keep it positive, and teach them to protect themselves always.  My son had quite an interest in ghosts and spirits and he may or may not be able to see them.  He thought it was funny to cry wolf though for awhile and had to be taught that this isn’t o k.  It has to be kept serious or it doesn’t work so well.  

Mudras are another great thing to teach young people.  Many times when you are young you stress over little things or let something that might not be a big deal become something huge as a child. Using the mudras is a great calming tool that we have taught the boys to refocus or calm down when they get nervous in school.  

We would love to see some interaction in this blog. If there are things that you are doing with your children that are helping to raise them positive or to be a white light in this dark world feel free to share them in the comments below.  


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  1. I have a 17 year old, really innocent in a lot of ways, really over-the-top-annoying wise in a lot of ways! I get caught so much on my inconsistancies. He soaks up new-age like a sponge, but often rolls his eyes at some things that he can’t possibly believe, because he’s too young too prove their existance or occurance. When they are little, they are so easy to convince. The tough thing is, when they get older, they become so very “carnal”, it’s harder for me to observe him than it is for him to observe me. But ya gotta let go…. sometimes.

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