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Reach for the stars

I saw this really cool line today and I thought to myself, “Wow, that really connects with what I have been going through lately and how I am trying to live my life.” The quote was about the word fear. It said “Fear is nothing more than an obstacle standing in the way of progress, in overcoming our fears we can move forward, stronger and wiser in ourselves. This really hit home. Do you wake up everyday unhappy every day and have the answers in your hands? Sometimes it is unbelievable to understand that we have the answers to happiness in our hands and choose to sit it down and never act on it. I believe that this all goes back to fear.

I myself have pushed my fears in front of my happiness for a really long time. I really don’t know why I have done this because it did nothing but made me miserable. It began putting the thought in my head that you live for something or die for nothing. What if today was my last day, do I want to leave the earth a miserable person… NO!

I have also realized that you can’t always just sit back and hope for things to come to you without working for what you want. You can manifest and hope and wish for things to come to you and that is all and well but there is no backup for hard work and working for what you want. Hopes and dreams can really come into fruition for each and every one of us, we just have to put that first step forward and get yourself moving.

How many times in life do you remember really wanting something and as much as you wished for it and hoped it would come and you just didn’t quite get the results you hoped to achieve? On the other hand how many times have you wanted something and you out together a plan and took your time and ways, even if it is the way that you plan on manifesting it, and you achieved success and got what you wanted? We all have different ways of doing things, we all have different paths. At the end of the day there are times in life in which we are the ultimate boulder in front of the cave. We are the ones blocking our own path to success. Go the extra step and fight for what you believe and fight to reach the stars. We can all get what we want, we just need to find our path. Have a great week and go for it!!! -ian

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