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Seeing Auras

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This blog i am gonna write about seeing auras and what they can tell you about peoples moods or even how spiritually involved that they are. Seeing auras may be an ability that you have and you may have never known you had. I never knew I had the ability until I took a class with Elizabeth Howell to teach you psychic development and realized how this came right to me and I could really do it. It was such an exciting night for me as I realized a skill I had in the metaphysical. It is now a skill that I really enjoy and I do with my mother-in-law when we are out at different places.

People with aura fields around them that are a dark and murky color are many times not protecting themselves spiritually or could be holding onto alot of stress which will block your true aura from coming through. This can be taken care of by doing things such as meditation or just simply taking time to enjoy the good things or things that you enjoy in life. Auras can change as the day goes on, for example Hank Setala who reads in our store does tuning fork balancing sessions. After a session of tuning forks in our store we saw a complete transformation in someone that we took aura photos with. There are many systems of taking aura photos such as cameras or computer systems. I definitely prefer to just look at someone and see what aura they are and go from there. There are many colors that your aura can be and they all have different metaphysical meanings. I am going to go over some here in the next section of my blog.

Green supports balance. It is a great color for harmony, love, and communication. It is also a color that represents being one with earth and close with nature and the outdoors. It is also a color that can resemble a feeling of acceptance of calm for the place that you are in at that time in your life.

Yellow is a color known for fun, humor, and lightness. Much like the bright color of the sun, a person with a yellow aura can brighten your day. These are usually people who have a high sense of intellect, logic, and creativity. They are definitely a person that you would like to be around.

Orange is a color of creativity. This color also is known for productivity and pleasure. A person with alot of orange in their aura is usually someone that is not afraid to show emotion and put enthusiasm and optimism into everything that they do. They are highly motivated and many times they are natural born leaders because of the enthusiasm that they put into things.

Red is a color of energy. Someone with a really good color of red for their aura is usually very grounded and full of stamina. They are also many times a soul full of spirituality and love for humanity and others around them. They are many times the kind of person that makes a great friend or someone to talk to.

Pink is a color of healing and caring. This is many times a person that is very family oriented and dedicated to their families. They have a sense of inner peace and know why they are here. They will go to the end of the world to protect the family and things important to them.

Violet/Purple is known for imagination, a flow with the universe, and artistic abilities. They have a sense of creativity. They have a very good sense of where they are headed in things like meditation and are great at connecting with spirit guides.

Blue is a color of calmness. This is someone who is full of peace, love, and honesty. Much like someone who has a pink aura, one with a blue aura is also dedicated to the family and the love and bonding of the family. They are a person who being kind to others is deeply important to. They are very devoted to causes that they deem important.

I will be in the store Sunday doing aura sketches and interpretations from noon to five this weekend. If you would like to get a sketch and sit around and talk auras it is just 10 bucks. Hope to see you this weekend. -ian


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  1. Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

    Thank you!

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