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Hey guys, I know it has been a few weeks since the last blog. I am sorry about that, we have been up  to some exciting things coming to the store. We are moving to a new location. I have been going through some personal changes that are going to make me a better person. Just lots of excitement and happiness in our household lately.  This is all a work in progress and a lot of work. It has felt great the last couple of weeks waking up with a smile on my face. For me that seemed quite a chore. From where I was to where I am the future looks bright.

On Tuesday night we held our twice a month development circle. This is a great group of people and one of the lowest cost after store events we do at just $5. We hold this circle on the first and third Tuesday nights from 7 to 8:30 p.m. If you aren’t coming to this you are really missing out.  This is an extremely talented group of people that come to this circle.  We would love to have more people join and share all of our wonderful talents.

This week was a week where the leader of the circle, Jim Flynn, was in Lilydale to take classes so we were without a leader. I asked Melissa for permission to come up with the activities for this weeks circle. She agreed to let me do it so it was on!! Fear went through my mind when I thought to myself a little quote that I have read many times.  It was the word F.E.A.R. written just like that but under it were the words Face Everything and Rise! This has really hit home with me with all I have went through lately.  I planned out the circle with some really cool exercises that Elizabeth taught us how to do in her various Psychic Development classes that she has taught at the store.  The exercises all had to do with envelopes, you come up with an item, a picture of an item, or even a word on a piece of paper to put in the envelope.  You then pass the envelopes around the circle and have everyone write down what they think is in the envelope. As the leader of this exercise you have to be ready to answer questions about what they get from the envelopes and what things mean. I didn’t show fear, I stepped up and we had a great circle that night.

Afterwards, Don did some cartomancy and passed a card out to each person in the circle. I bet on everything that I once again, much like in a class five or six weeks back was holding the ace of spades. As the circle went around telling which card we all had it was finally my turn to flip over my card and sure enough there it was the coveted ace of spades. This is a card of beginnings in the art of cartomancy and let me tell you the beginning of big things and great change is arriving in my life. I can feel it every morning when I wake up lately. A smile on my face, clear thoughts in my head, time to think, patience. Wow, what a way to live. For the last year I have lived in a state of anxiety and depression and the end is here. I can feel it, my children can feel it, my wife can feel it.  The most important thing is that I feel it, nothing else is possible without me getting the ball rolling. I have finally done so. My time is now. It is my hope and wishes that anyone reading this that is down in the dumps and not feeling right. Talk to someone, tell somebody it really might be some thing that you, yourself can not fix. Be your best and if it takes a little help from your friends then so be it. Have a great week . Love each other, help each other.


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  1. I’m sorry I missed it! Sounds like a great night! You’ve come a long way Ian! I feel honored that I was chosen to walk a part of the path with you. The Angels lifted you up and Michael cut the cords of fear until you were able to do it on your own, You passed the test! Congrats!

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