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Some Haunted Ohio Spots








Hi guys! This weeks blog will list some haunted spots in Ohio and where they are and a little bio of each of them.  

Hinckley Library

The library in the town of Hinckley is built into a small white clapboard house which dates from the 1840’s. The sister of Dr. Nelson Wilcox, a “walking encyclopedia” who owned a log cabin on the property before the house was built, haunts the building. She died tragically young and is still sighted in her period dress from time to time. This town is located next to Brunswick in Medina county.

Valley City Witches Ball

The cemetery on Myrtle Hill Road near Valley City in Medina County contains the Witch’s Ball, a large spherical gravestone to which many legends are attached. The name on the stone is Stoskopf, and a ton of rumors about old lady Stoskopf have cropped up over the years to go with her unusual tombstone. 

Today her spherical tombstone is the focal point of a lot of folklore and legends. They say that it remains the same temperature, and that in the winter it is warm and in the summer it is cold. They also say that leaves and snow will not fall on or around the tombstone. These stories seems to be easy ones to test and would be easy to go check out in the little town of Valley City. 

Claque Playhouse

Clague Playhouse in Westlake is built into an old barn, and the original owner of the property is said to haunt it. Ever since they moved into the building in 1967, “Walter,” the ghost, has made strange noises, misplaced objects, and thrown things around. He once left noises on a sound effects tape. His activities usually increase after a major change or renovation. This one is very near the store and would be a neat one to check out.  

Harrison Road Haunting

I have actually seen this ghost before as we live very close to this one.  It is pretty neat and kind of shocking when you see it. 
The Harrisons were one of the original families in Huron County. Grandfather Harrison immigrated to the United States from Ireland, married an Indian woman, and raised children on his vast estate, which included a farm and vineyard. Today his ghost travels from the family graveyard to the vineyard via Harrison Road, which is near US 20 west of Wakeman. He carries a red lantern, which is often seen bobbing alongside the road as old man Harrison checks on his old homestead.

Gore Orphanage

There are lots of rumors and stories that go along with this one and everyone has their own stories to go along with it. Most of the people from around Lorain county will tell you that not a lot goes on there and the actual building that used to be here is in Lorain county metroparks in Amherst, Ohio.  You do get a creepy feeling and there are lots of rumors of people seeing spirits when going down into the woods on gore orphanage road.  You can ask anyone from around that knows and they will all give you creepy stories. I recommend checking the experience out for yourself.  Read up as there are pages and pages of lore on this one. 

Kipton Train Wreck  

In April of 1891 there was a big train wreck near Kipton, Ohio where 10 died.  There are many talks of sightings of ghosts in the woods and on the large bike path that goes from Kipton to Oberlin, Ohio. It is a beautiful path and a great family outing place, and hey while enjoying nature why not go on a ghost hunt. 

Ashtabula Playground 

East 48th Street Playground – The playground is said to be haunted by the ghosts of children who died in a school fire in the late 1800s on the site. Although the school burned to the ground, many parts of the old playground is now the neighborhood park. Those who play in the park often feel an “odd” presence, hear the laughter of ghostly children, and often hear the name David being called. Witnesses describe David as somewhat of an athlete as he causes kids playing to fall or fumble the ball. The ghost of a girl is sometimes seen along the railroad tracks. She is thought to be an outcast and is seen the most often. (Credits: RJ Rivera)

Lucas Cemetery

 Also known as Mary Jane’s Cemetery, this is where “Bloody Mary” is said to be buried. She was burned at the stake in the 1800s for suspicion of witchcraft. The tree she was buried under still stands with her name carved in it. It is said if you go there on the night she was buried, the tree will bleed. A noticeable drop in temperature (about 20º) is common near the tree and where the house stood. This can be found in Mansfield, Ohio. 

Ohio State Reformatory 

This old prison is the home to many, many souls. Reports of seeing apparitions and feeling definite cold spots are common. Mysterious voices and footsteps are heard. In the room where the warden’s wife was accidentally shot in the head and killed, some have reported feeling light-headed and not being alone. Numerous paranormal television show have even visited the prison due to the many hauntings within. This is one of the most popular haunted spots in Ohio and if you haven’t been here I highly recommend checking it out.  

Haunted Tunnel

 Just off Route 42 going toward Mansfield is a haunted tunnel. It is said that if you stop just inside the tunnel, turn off your headlights and put the car in neutral, your vehicle will be pushed or pulled through the tunnel even though the ground is totally flat. Some have even reported seeing handprints on the trunks or backs of their vehicles that were not previously there. The road this tunnel is on is next to a store called Ohio Battery, formerly Carothers Brothers Pest Control. This one is right inside Ashland.  

I’ve had a great time researching these spots and plan on checking them all out.  If you have haunted spots that you would like to share feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks again for reading the blog and have a great week. -Ian 

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