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I know that we have written a lot about yoga and working out and all that jazz in the last month, I swear that there will be a new topic next week. I think that this one is not just more of the same but a lesson in teaching our children and showing them the way.  Sunday morning as we are getting in our daily workout times. We were both doing P-90x yoga which is rough for me as I do a different kind known as YRG, which is a lot easier and laid back specifically for people that are very out of shape or trying to just get certain areas in tone.


As I go into down dog I hear hysterical laughing coming from the den area.  There are my two hilarious sons chuckling like madmen because they found the various yoga poses funny. The next thing that I know Melissa is telling them to shut down whatever they are doing and report to the living room where we are doing our yoga.  The boys walk in and immediately ask what do you need us here for. We answer by telling them to follow the directions on the screen and get moving. They did the yoga with us for the next 40 minutes and hung in pretty good. By the end my stepson was writhing in pain because of some of the stretches. This was a great lesson in learning for the ten year olds about hard work and how laughing about something without understanding it is not okay. Their respect level for yoga and working out rose about a hundred times on that day.

I guess what I got out of this is something that will be a lesson moving forward and really has nothing to do with yoga or working out in general. If you want your children and the next generation to learn things the right way.  I feel like a full time father sometimes because of the amount of young people that work in my every day job as a general manager of a restaurant.  This generation isn’t willing to do anything for someone that isn’t willing to put in the same amount of effort that they are being asked to put in. By bringing in the boys and showing them that this is hard work but it is totally worth it seemed to have a huge reward. If we continue to show the right way and take the extra time each day to teach someone something that they didn’t know yesterday the world will be a much smarter, brighter, and easier place to live.  Thanks for reading the blog and feel free as always to communicate in the box below. Have a great week and remember to share your knowledge!!

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