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Thanking and Acknowledging Spirit Guides

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all doing well today. Thanks so much for clicking the link to read the blog today! Today I will be writing about spirit guides. What to say to them, how to see them, how to have them help you in your everyday life. This is a process just like anything else that we learn. However, this is one that will definitely help you in your everyday life.

First off when you want to find a spirit guide, this will be an ordeal of starting off with daily meditation. In the meditation. When you do your meditation put all of your heart and soul into the idea of finding the spirit guide. You do not necessarily have to see them if you do not want to the first time. You also don’t even really need to talk to them. As time continues and you find them, they will be a big help if you do talk to them though. My spirit guide helps me in everyday situations, sometimes easy and many times hard.

As far as the meditation goes. Start off by being comfy, find a meditation you are comfortable with or one that is made specifically for this type of event. I know that Sharon Klingler has a cd for this as we have used it in psychic development circle with Jim Flynn. I always feel like whatever works for you can’t be wrong. You have to, at the end of the day, do it your own way.

When in meditation ask the guide to see them. You can imagine a doorway, a garage, a large sheet, anything that you want to make the guide become visible to you easier. Raise the hiding spot for your guide as quickly or as slowly as you please. Make sure that throughout this entire process you ask for white light and positivity. Do not be afraid of this process as it is going to help you. Keep a notebook near you as with any type of studying where you will need to remember things. Write down any descriptions that will help you to understand what the guide looks like or who they are.

Once you have a realization of what the guide looks like, the next step will be to get a name. The key thing to realize is that the name will not always be in  your native tongue. If you have a really hard time pronouncing or remembering the guides name, you can always ask them to give it to you in an easier way. Most of the time this will work. If not maybe do something like calling your guide by the first letter of thier name moving forward. Many times when we ask for help, we are helped but do not know who is helping us. This is just another way to acknowledge and thank our guides for being there for us when things are tough and we need someone to talk to or even help us with past lives or things in this life time we may not remember. If you have any experiences with spirit guides feel free to leave them in the box below. Thanks for reading the blog and heave a great week. Ian

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