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As thanksgiving has arrived once again, the thoughts of another year full of new friends and new learning’s has come and gone. It is unbelievable the amount of knowledge and family love that can be shown in just one years time.

How many of us just go through our daily life and never take the time to smell the roses? Days like thanksgiving are so important for us to sit back and enjoy the small things that this short lifetime gives us to enjoy things and love each other.

The food we eat, whether turkey and ham, or tofu and rice. Do we take the time out to be thankful for it when it isn’t thanksgiving? Are the little things made important each day or do we only take time out when we are told to take one because the calendar says we should. The world is such a quick and fast placed thing and way of doing things.

Just a little time out here and there, that’s all I am suggesting. You would be amazed at the wonders that can be shown to you ever day by using a minute here and there to ring in a little bit of thankfulness. Even if you are down on your luck and you think all is gone, call a life time out and find that one good thing. You can do it. Smile, and be thankful and merry because there is good out there. -Ian

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