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It’s funny when you really think about time. What is time, what makes time go faster or slower. What is going on in the world when time feels like it is standing still? I had a life changing event for me a few weeks back and I thought to myself, “Wow, I have tons of free time to get some things done over the next few weeks. It is so crazy how things come up and things pass and go by in the blink of an eye. Here we are and those weeks have passed and I am not sure where the free time went but I never seen any of it.

I’ve spent my whole life of time living here in Ohio and I never realized how much time I really have watched pass by me. I know I am not old by any stretch of the imagination but there are things that I need to learn, lessons I have to learn and some days I just worry about not having enough time in this life to get everthing done that I want to do and learn. I guess this is why I have been getting the message to never stop learning and that my head will not explode no matter how much knowledge is shoved into that rock hard thing.

There are always classes going on at the store and I am always taking them. I am in the middle of taking classes for a new place of employment, learn, learn, learn. Then it hit me, that is not the message that my guides are hitting me with. Right now the message that I am working on is learn your surroundings, learn the people you live with, whether in your house or in this big old world that we are a part of. Roll the windows down and realize that we are all breathing the same air and what an extraordinary thing that really is, we share the air with over 7 billion people. Wow! Time isn’t slowing down, the population isn’t going to stop growing. Your grandchildren, children, parents, friends, nieces, nephews, are all living and breathing that same air. Remember to learn all you can every day and cherish each moment. When that day comes and they put you in the dirt, all the lessons you learned and all the love you have shared will still be a piece of that air that we are sharing with 7 billion others. Have a great week and thanks for reading the blog. -ian


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  1. Very well said Ian! Your blogs are a pleasure to read! Thank you! Lovey

  2. Thank you! It is important to stop and breath and actually pay attention to the people closest to us. I know sometimes I get so distracted by the world around me I forget my greatest little gifts need my concern and love 1st!

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