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Totem Animal Meanings and Symbolism



This week’s blog will be about different totem animals and their meanings and what they may mean if they come to you in a meditation or they show up when you ask for a sign.  Totems many times are grouped into four groups water, air, insect, and land totems. I will just go over a few of each of the more common ones that people use or have frequently in todays blog.

 I will start with the air types. Air types are usually symbols of strength(mental and physical).  They are also signs of life transitions.  

Bats are symbols of intuition, dreaming, vision. If the bat is a totem for you then you are prone to prophetic dreams and are most likely able to be intuitive and perseptive on a psychic level. They are aware of the surroundings that they live in and this makes them a very wise totem to have as they can show you many things from the insides of caves to the tops of the mountains and trees.  

 Blackbirds are symbols of transition and transformation.  They are known for mystery, magic, secrets, higher intelligence.  A simple minded person is not likely to attract a blackbird as a totem. They are usually a totem for deep thinking people.  They will help you to find your potential in life as your totem.  Falcons are the next air totem on my list.  They are symbolized by spirit, light, power, focus, and aspiration.  They will come to you when you have questions about a transition in employment or when you are trying to make a goal setting plan in your life.  They can lead you to a life purpose.  

Owls are known for their vision, wisdom, mystery, secrets, and protection.  They are known as a witches familiar.  This means that they are an animal whose soul can be linked to that of a human through a unique bond of communication.  

The next type of totem I will go over is the land type.  This type is aware of mother earths heartbeat and how she works. They relate to intuition and awareness.  They represent being grounded and stable mentally and physically.  Beaver are known for building dreams. They are a symbol of family, intuition, and balance. He is also a multi area animal as he can be classified as water or land.   The way they build their dams is also a symbol of blocking negativity.

 Bears are symbols of power, bravery, peace, resurrection, and motherhood. They are strong animals that love to be out in the sun and be peaceful and quiet but are very protective of the young.  Cows are a symbol of fertility, motherhood, nurturing, calming, and beginnings.  They also symbolize patience and the feminine symbol of yin.  They are an emblem of royalty in many cultures.

 Dogs are a symbol of community, friendship, companionship. The goddess Hecate has been shown with dogs surrounding her as both are defenders of those who can not protect themselves such as babies, young children, the meek and mild and mistreated people.  In Celtic symbolism the dog is known for heroism.  House cats are known for cleverness, secretive, supernatural, intelligence, and independence.  When a cat is your totem it many times means that it is time to shake things up in your life or change your routine.  You should distance yourself from problems that you have no way of solving on your own.  

The horse is known for power, grace, beauty, strength, and freedom.  In your dreams or meditation if you are riding a horse and you fall off this may symbolize that you are unsure or not ready for something coming up in your life.  If you are holding onto the reigns it may mean either that you are secure in your life or that you need to loosen the reigns or have more fun.

 Squirrels are known for energy, playfulness, balance, preparation, and resourcefulness.  If you have a squirrel as your totem it may be telling you that you need to look into provisions and plan for the future, whether in retirement, 401 k, insurance, or any other area of importance in your life.  The squirrel also tells you to communicate with those around you and honor others.

 Insects are the next area I will go over in this blog.  They symbolize tenacity, patience, and detachment.  They remind us to mind our own business but still work hard and be an important part of our community.

 The praying mantis is excellent for spirituality or meditation. He instills  peace and tranquility to you in a time of need or a time of learning.  The spider is known for  cunning, feminism, rebirth, death, and protection.  It may be telling you that things are not always as they seem.

 The bee is known for industry, action, and communication.  If you have the bee as a totem you may want to ask yourself , “What am I doing to pollinate the earth, how am I showing myself when I work?”  

The last set I am going to cover this week are the water types.  They are known for being bright and playful, also for their cleansing, freedom, and mobility.  They will try to lead you to a better path during times of deconstruction in your life.  They will help you relax and think of simple and easy ways to fix your problems.  

The dolphin is known for high energy, playfulness,  harmony, friendship.  They are a king of the sea that is known for gentle way of ruling, not the reigning type.  This may tell you to lax your style of management or to let loose a bit on the way you live your life.  

Turtles are known for order, strength, patience, innocence, and protection.  They may tell you to do things at your own pace.  Be patient and everything will work out.  They are the totem of protection and longevity.  

Frogs are known for resurrection, healing, luck. They may be telling you that you are about to be in the midst of birth whether a child, a new way of living, a new job. They also symbolize prosperity which is very helpful. Having a frog as a totem can be a great thing!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. It has been a calling for me over the last month and I am happy to share some of what I have learned with you today.  If you would like to know about another animal you may see feel free to leave a comment below and I will tell you about it. Thanks for reading our blog again!!


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