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waiting isn’t always a bad thing

So we are told that patience is a virtue. I am the kind of person that really struggles with the whole waiting on things and being patient. I have been working or I guess I thought I had been working hard on my psychic abilities and being awakened. Sometimes in life you have your mind on a million things at once and you don’t take the time to smell the roses or wait for greatness to come to you. We sit around and complain because it is a cloudy day. Well the moral of the story is that cloudy days are necessary to get to the sunny ones.

We live in a very old house and the town that we live in is a very active town as far as spirits and things like that go.  I feel like there is practice every day if you are trying to open up the gift of seeing things here.  I have done it a lot lately and I thought that I was on the straight and narrow. I had been trying to get up the courage to talk to someone that I think of as a mentor and ask this person what I needed to do to get an endorsement from them on their website.  I knew all along that they were going to give me some kind of test to do when I got up and ready to talk to them about this.  Well, needless to say I finally did this on Saturday night and I didn’t do very well. Nothing that I saw matched up with what they say. I have a huge issue of when things do not go right of jumping off the deep end and getting really upset. My wife talked me off the ledge and got me to move on and realize it wasn’t the end of the world. Also, talking to my stepson on the phone made me realize that I am good and that people love me.

The next morning I woke up and did my yoga which totally cleared my mind. It has been such a great tool for me and continuously helps me.  We had a psychic faire that day and my teacher for about 70 percent of what I have tapped into and learned was reading there. I sat with her towards the end of the day she had an amazing and great message for me. She began by explaining to me what the other person done might not be what I know how to do. She also said that she knew I wasn’t using the hypnosis cd that we are supposed to be using from the classes that she teaches.  The last thing that she told me was that I needed to be patient and just because it wasn’t my time today that my time would still come.  I will continue to work and I will be patient with it and I know that my time will come.  I went through a rough year last year and already this year is so much better. So if you are down and out just remember that good times are coming and you will achieve your goals if you are meant to.  Once again thanks for reading and feel free to share your experiences in the comment section. -Ian 🙂


3 thoughts on “waiting isn’t always a bad thing

  1. Ian,
    I have been struggling with patience for quite some time. It is difficult for me to remember to have “play” time when I am constantly planning everything. Your post today is my message to get back to the basics (mediation) and everything else will just be what it is.
    Thank you!

  2. Ooops! I meant meditation! I better get on that pronto! 🙂

  3. Hi Ian,

    Not only is patience virtue but it is also a fruit of the Spirit, you know you are growing when you notice that your patience is growing. Self-control is also a fruit, in which I am lacking but continue to try everyday to master it.

    If you want patience, ask your Higher Power and you will get plenty of exercises to cultivate your patience.

    have a nice day

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