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wake up call

We did a weight loss hypnosis a few weeks ago in the store. Usually when we do this I get a great big push in mental attitude and health. I feel great and lose weight really quickly. As a week went by I was thinking to myself, “wow, this isn’t working like usual.” I had sustained an injury to my knee somehow and for me that was for sure a weird thing. I had never had something happen like that. It was totally random too.  I hadn’t done anything different than usual or any heavy lifting or anything like that. It really made no sense to me why or how this happened. After that I didn’t really put any thought to it.  Another week passed and I strolled down the stairwell and into the living room. I had one again slept in which began to become a usual thing for me during that last month of my life.  I never do that really. Melissa was there to greet me and asked if I was ready to get rolling on my yoga as the living room was empty and she had already done her workout.  I said to myself this is as good of a time as any so let’s do this. As I got into down dog for the first time in over a month I had a feeling of peace and happiness overtook my body. I will never under estimate the power of work and working out. The things that yoga in general does for me are amazing. I mean just thinking about the meaning of yoga for example tells all we need to know. It is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which had originated in India. The goal of this form of exercise is to attain a state of permanent peace. Isn’t that the dream of all of us? Sounds like a pretty good way to live to me. So anyways here I am a week back into my yoga activities that I do one a day. My mind and body are in great places. The knee pain I spoke of is a distant memory as of this morning and my mind is full of happy thoughts, positivity, and motivation. This exercise isn’t for everyone but I love it and highly recommend it. On this day I am thankful that my guides and my living guide that I wake up to every morning have one again motivated me to get up and get moving and my body, which being in my thirties now doesn’t put up with the damage and avoids that it did so easily in my younger days is a million times happier. Do you have any workouts or meditation rituals that help you get pumped and ready for this crazy world we live in each day? If you do we would love to start sins back and forth in the comments section. Once again thank you so much for reading the blog and have a great week! -Ian


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  1. HI Ian,

    Thanks again for your message. Whenever I don’t feel like getting to my exercise I tell myself, out loud, that I really should get started because it is good for me. I need to hear this because otherwise it is so easy to put exercise off til tomorrow, then another day then another….

    I’m in my early 50’s and I notice new aches and pains everyday, so it is very important to focus on my health, eating better, exercising, sleeping enough and being aware of my spiritual condition, which does have an effect on my physical health.

    I start by putting on my exercise shorts and tennis shoes, then I do about 1/2 hour on the treadmill, followed by cat, cow stretches, then some leg lifts, mini sit ups, leg lifts, and use some 2 lb hand weights, which my son cracks up laughing over, but hey I’m not trying to build huge muscles. I finish with some leg and arm stretches and drink a full glass of water. I’m always glad that I did it, not one time did I ever say that I am sorry that I exercised.

    My sister lowered her blood pressure from dangerously high to very good by exercising everyday, and she did it without any meds. I don’t recommend this for everyone but it worked for her.

    take care and have a nice day.

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