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you matter

The idea of change is a very intense thought. Alot of people spend so much time complaiNing but never take the time to adjust anything to make it better. It is such a concept to spend time on. Any time that someone says there life is perfect they are probably not taking the time each day to reflect what is going on around them. I myself am spending each day to reflect on my faults while trying not to let them eat me alive. I do however have those days where I let it all eat me up and I waste a day I should be using for reflection and positivity by being depressed and moping. It isn’t to say you can’t take time to cry or be sad or whatever. It is just a situation where you really have to take a time where you don’t rely on others, you don’t worry about what people think about you, who cares. You really have to live your life as one of the role models in what I call my “new better me” life. He calls it a “you matter life”. Many times I sit and bum out. I really understand that I need to enjoy me, I am great, you are great, we are all great, and once we all realize this, just think of the level of consciousness that we can all get to. Keep being awesome, help others, take the time every day to not even worry about others. Be U 1st. Remember you live in a “you matter world”.- Ian


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  1. Keep up the good work Ian! The work we do on ourselves for ourselves is the hardest work ever!

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