5 Questions About The Afterlife

Whether you are going to see a psychic medium to get answers to questions in your life or to connect with a loved one who has crossed over into the afterlife, there are many questions that revolve around this phenomenon.

Many of us still find the afterlife to be one of life’s great mysteries.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most wondered or asked questions about psychic mediums and the afterlife.


5 Questions with Answers About the Afterlife

1. Is it evil to talk to someone who has passed away?


Religious dogmas have unfortunately taught that talking to a loved one who is on the other side in the afterlife is somehow evil. 

Jesus spoke to the dead, like Moses, in the Bible. If Jesus could, and with God’s permission, why couldn’t you?

Never feel guilty for wanting to talk to your deceased loved ones. Love and spirit are eternal.

2. Are my loved ones hurting on the other side?

No, your loved ones are not hurting, because there is no physical pain as we know it in the afterlife.

Your loved ones are very much alive and well on the other side – some may even refer to the other side as heaven. While their physical bodies have died, their souls, like everyone’s, are eternal.

3. Do my loved ones miss me?

Spiritually speaking, no, they don’t. But do not despair!

Your loved ones don’t “miss” you because they have ascended to a higher level of being and consciousness. There is no loss or feelings of missing anything because, in the spirit realm, the soul is all that exists and to want, need, or miss something is a physical human feeling.

Your loved ones are always near, love never dies.

Which brings us to the next question…

4. Can my loved ones hear me when I talk to them?

Yes! Because your loved ones are in spirit form and on a higher plane of consciousness, they can most definitely hear you when you talk to them.

In fact, you do not even need a psychic medium to tell your deceased loved ones you miss and love them. They know. They can hear you. So, take a moment right now to let your loved ones know you are thinking about them and that you love and miss them.

5. Do people on the other side ever send signs or am I just crazy?

Your loved ones on the other side are always sending you signs to let them know they hear you and that they are still around, loving you.

The signs they try to convey to you might not be every single time you open up and talk to them, but yes, they love to send you signs – you just need to be open enough to receive them.

This is where going to see a psychic medium can help you decipher these signs and open yourself up to spotting them when they happen.


Tips for Working with a Psychic Medium

  • Because speaking with a medium can be such an emotional experience, it is good that after your session, the best things you can do are to write down everything you can remember from the reading and think about ways you can stay connected to your loved one.
  • Talk out loud to them, write letters and stories, gather photos that remind you of them and place them around your home – anything that helps you to remain connected to them.
  • It is a good thing to remember that while speaking with a psychic medium will never avert the pain of losing your loved ones or take away the sadness of not having them physically in your life anymore, they can help you to establish a spiritual connection with your loved ones and help you move through your grieving process.