A Raw Look at Crystals

Raw Stones

Crystals, with their shining, gorgeous beauty, have always fascinated humans. From precious gemstones to unique natural formations, nature has a way of turning the most mundane of elements into something beautiful.

People have prized these gems for an unimaginably long time. We’ve carved pendants from their shimmering, glasslike bodies and created mystical, ritualistic uses for them. Chief among these uses is the complex web of meaning and symbolism behind healing stones.

A Brief Review

Incorporating crystals into rituals of healing is nothing new. It’s likely that every civilization has, at one point or another, held their own unique take on crystal-based healing. Prominent examples of sophisticated crystalline beliefs can be found in Buddhist, Hindu, First Nation, and occult European texts.

Today, the New Age beliefs of the 1970’s and 80’s are the most influential source for crystal-based healing. This intellectual approach combined elements of historic practices, indigenous beliefs, and modern creativity. Since then, these ideas have been adapted and tweaked by a variety of groups and individuals.

3 Beautiful Healing Stones to Know About

Today, there are countless variations of healing crystal compilations and dictionaries available. While there’s no singular, central consensus, there are a few gemstones with meanings that are so ubiquitous that it’s worth knowing about them.

Malachite: Transformation

As gorgeous as it is useful, malachite is a wonderful way to get your new year started! At its core, Malachite promotes transformation. It cleanses, promotes renewal of your chakras, and balances your mind. While the mineral may come in a variety of colors depending on what it is combined with, the most famous variety is green.

Sapphire: Discipline and Awareness

Historically associated with romance, devotion, and religious clergy, the gorgeous, deep blue hue of a sapphire is perfect for improving your discipline and mental focus. Its visual beauty is matched by its dynamic nature; a variety of problems and ailments can be eased by the presence of sapphire. Some of the most prominent effects are:

  • Relief from headaches, vertigo, and visual problems
  • Increased mental awareness
  • Awareness and acceptance of beauty
  • Improved intuition

Lapis Lazuli: Power and Creativity

Yet another gorgeous blue stone, lapis lazuli is a luxurious and useful stone to have as an accessory. Its beautiful, deep color allowed for the stone to be pulverized and used in paints and dyes. In other instances, astute gem aficionados cut and polished the blue gem for jewelry and sculpting. Its inspiring beauty has made it the central fixture of many works of art, including Hayao Miyazaki’s anime classic, Castle in the Sky.

On a spiritual level, lapis lazuli is revered for its ability to open the mind to new possibilities. In addition to vitality and romance, this gemstone also promotes creativity and thoughtfulness.

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While books and websites (just like this one!) may have their own interpretations, the most important thing to remember about crystals is that their meaning is not set in stone. You can define your world and see it as you want; whether or not you wish to conform to rigid structures is up to you! Regardless of what you decide to do, Goddess Elite will always be here to provide you with the highest quality minerals, gems, and formations.