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Stones and Grids for Prosperity

Have you wanted to bring in prosperity and abundance into your life, but you are disappointed that your hard work is not paying off? It can be disheartening when that happens. Have you considered the power that grids and stones have when it comes to you becoming prosperous? Chances are you have not. We all […]

Tarot Spell Casting

You may be thinking that the only uses for tarot cards are using them for gaining personal insight or for divination. But you can also use them for spellcasting. In a nutshell, tarot spell casting is creating any strong intension by using creative visualization, and you can say it is creative visualization on steroids.

5 Differences Between Lenormand & Tarot Cards

Anyone who is into tarot reading may or may not know about Lenormand cards. That depends on the reader whether or not they use both sets of cards as well. In fact, many tarot readers also use Lenormand cards in readings. Additionally, the general public may know some aspects of tarot cards such as that […]

Smudging: White Sage & Palo Santo

Smudging is the act of cleansing yourself and your sacred space, your home, or even your workplace. Think of it as spiritual house cleaning. While there are many different ways to smudge, most people tend to lean towards either sage (white sage) or Palo Santo to keep the good vibes going.  This post explores these […]

Tarot and Oracle Cards: What’s the Difference?

With the growing number of new Tarot and Oracle cards coming out, we thought we delve into a simple guide as to the differences between these two different divination tools.  This post will help you understand the differences, so you can choose the right deck for your spiritual journey.

5 Questions About The Afterlife

Whether you are going to see a psychic medium to get answers to questions in your life or to connect with a loved one who has crossed over into the afterlife, there are many questions that revolve around this phenomenon. Many of us still find the afterlife to be one of life’s great mysteries. In […]