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Carnelian: Classification & Metaphysical Properties

What is carnelian? Carnelian is a chalcedony-based mineral, which ranges in coloration from deep, brown-red to bright orange. While it is normally quite transparent, the banded variety can be much more opaque. This semi-precious gemstone has a nonmetallic luster, specifically classified as vitreous. This means that unlike some gemstones, which may have pearly or waxy finishes, […]

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All About Agate

What is Agate? Simply put, agate is a general term used to describe translucent, chalcedony-based minerals. But then, what is chalcedony? Chalcedony refers to microcrystalline silica, a chemical compound found in concrete, glass, sand, and other common minerals. In the crystal community, silica-based minerals are broken down into two major categories: agate and jasper. Jaspers […]

The Evil Eye: History & Meaning

The evil eye is a symbol with deep history. What is often seen as a basic image has actually been used as a protective talisman for thousands of years. Over five-thousand years ago, Mesopotamians started carrying clay, eye-shaped talismans in order to ward off others’ ill will. In 1500 BCE, Meditarrians created the iconic blue-eyed […]

5 Unique and Fascinating Forms of Divination

Humans have always strived to catch a glimpse of the future. We want to be able to plan ahead and know what to anticipate, and, throughout history, our species has found some intriguing ways to do so. Shelling for Results Some of the earliest evidence of divination hails from China’s Shang Dynasty. Inscriptions found on […]

Amethyst: An Ancient Treasure

The perfect all-around healing stone, amethysts are useful for promoting peace, healing, and relaxation. Even the most heavily faceted refined amethyst can’t claim to have as many faces as it has uses! Ancient Uses for Amethyst Because of its beauty, amethysts have long been used for a variety of decorative applications, including: Ancient Egyptian jewelry […]

A Raw Look at Crystals

Crystals, with their shining, gorgeous beauty, have always fascinated humans. From precious gemstones to unique natural formations, nature has a way of turning the most mundane of elements into something beautiful. People have prized these gems for an unimaginably long time. We’ve carved pendants from their shimmering, glasslike bodies and created mystical, ritualistic uses for […]

The True Meaning of Shapes

Throughout history, humans have created things that reflect the world around them. Whether that object is a recreation of reality or an abstraction, its ultimate purpose is rooted in an appreciation for the world around us. In its most basic form, stripped of detail and definition, our world is a combination of simple shapes. Through […]