8 Ways to Cleanse Divination Tools

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Here is a helpful rundown of simple, yet effective ways you can cleanse divination tools.


Always remember to shield yourself and your magical tools from harm.


8 Magical ways to cleanse and purify your divination tools


dried rose petalsHerb Baths – You can utilize an assortment of plants and blossoms to both purify and fill your magical tools with vitality. Magical cleansing aromatics mostly incorporate rose, sage, and mint.




moonlight cleansingMoon Bath – Potentially the least complex and most magical approach to cleanse and purify devices and ceremonial items. Likewise serves to re-charge the energies in your magical tools. For a more profound purging, you will need to wash your tools in the light of a full lunar cycle.



sea salt cleansingSea Salt – Another mainstream technique is immersing your tools in dry ocean salt or giving it a snappy ocean salt shower. Dunking devices in the sea, waterways, or lakes can likewise have benefits.




dirt earth cleansingEarth – Certain items need the energies of the earth where they were made, for example, stones and gemstones. You can cover them in clean soil, pointing down to ground them. Outside is ideal, yet this should effectively be possible inside in a potted plant, for those who live in an apartment and do not have access to a garden area.

Setting items in an alcove of trees or covering them close to the roots and foundations of trees is likewise a famous strategy for cleansing divination and ritual instruments



cleansing divination tools Goddess Elite North Olmsted OhioSmudging – We all know about safe smudging to dispose of awful juju. It works for you and works for your instruments as well! Other smudging materials include sweetgrass braids, mugwort, and cedar.




cleansing breathCleansing Breath – After profound contemplation and meditation, you can utilize your own vitality to blow inspiration into your apparatuses, just as if you were making a wish on a dandelion.




candle cleansingCandlelight – Similar to smudging in smoke, you can run things through or above candlelight to purge and expel negative energies. Please, be mindful so as not to harm the instrument or yourself!




water cleansingWater – Running water can likewise be utilized to purge your instruments also. Holding the thing descending with the progression of water to wash away the awful vitality.




More tips to keep your divination tools safe and effective for use.


Storage – think about keeping your instruments in a drawer or box which can be bolted on the off chance that you have inquisitive pets, family, or youngsters around.


Water – may harm some stones or precious stones (like selenite). Calfskin (most commonly found on some journal covers), will also solidify in water, and certain textures may blur, or drain their shading.


Sunlight – a few precious stones, (like amethyst, rose quartz, ametrine, and smoky quartz, for starters), as well as some textures, can blur or become fragile in daylight.


Salt – certain gemstones, metal, cowhide, and a few textures can be stained or made weak by salt.


Flame/Heat/Smudging – clearly the greatest issue is things being combustible, however, plants and fabric can consume as well as liquefy or get weak in warmth or smoke. Always take care when working with fire! 



Stones and Grids for Prosperity

stones & grids for prosperity

The Best Stones and Grids to manifest the abundance and prosperity you deserve



Have you wanted to bring in prosperity and abundance into your life, but you are disappointed that your hard work is not paying off?


It can be disheartening when that happens. Have you considered the power that grids and stones have when it comes to you becoming prosperous? Chances are you have not.


This post will teach you something when it comes to attaining the abundance that you deserve while you are working hard to achieve it.


We all need tools to help us when we are going after something. This is why you need to know about the best stones and grids for prosperity and abundance. Let’s talk about the grid first.



What Is The Best Grid For Bringing In Prosperity?



The use of grids is important when it comes to strengthening your intention to bring in results that you are looking to attain.


Grids are shapes and patterns that are part of the sacred geometry design that holds each aspect of the natural world, which includes our own existence.


The shapes and patterns within the grid can be used when it comes to guiding the energy flow; flowing energy that helps bring in abundance is what you want.


Now, the next question is, what is the best grid pattern to choose from?


flower of life grid Goddess EliteThe one that is the most well known is the Flower of Life grid that represents the spiritual value that is ancient. And within this grid is the Seed of Life – which is the ideal one to use for prosperity.


The Seed of Life grid consists of seven circles. Seven is a number that is lucky, and that can help bring on prosperity. Now that you know of the best grids for prosperity, you will want to line it with crystals.



What Stones Are The Best Ones To Bring In Prosperity?



It is recommended to use at least three (3) different stones that can help bring in prosperity.


Before going into the details of each one, you will need to know of the instructions on how to use them on the grid.


In the center of the grid, you will want to add the focus stone because that is the one that draws in the energy as you are focusing on your intention. The focus stone amplifies the energy of prosperity you are sending out and sends it to the crystals in the other parts of the grid.


The next set of stones that you will place in the middle of the grid are the way stones and they are the ones that are receptive to the center. They provide their own unique vibration in order to help you achieve abundance and the rays of color are likely to be a major contributor. The color you want those stones to be is green because that represents abundance and growth.


Last but not least, the stone to place in the outer circle to balance the energy is the desire stone. This is for fine-tuning energy that you are wanting to bring in.


Now to get to the important part, which is the recommended stones to be used to bring in prosperity? Let’s go into that now:



citrine stone grids prosperity Goddess Elite1. Citrine  – This yellow stone is ideal to be placed in the center as the focus stone as it is associated with improved finances and it is a stone used to attract money, and to improve business success.



green jade stone grids prosperity Goddess Elite2. Green Jade  – This is a green crystal to use as a way stone as this is a perfect one to attract money and to help improve feelings of self-worth. This stone helps you attain financial goals and helps to bring in abundance.



green aventurine stone grids prosperity Goddess Elite3. Green Aventurine  – This stone is another green one you can use if you choose as a way stone which also not only helps bring in abundance but brings you financial opportunities that may have slipped away.



tiger eye stone grids prosperity Goddess Elite4. Tiger’s Eye  – This is a good stone to use as a desire stone as it helps you stay grounded and helps keep the energies in check. It is a great crystal as well for good fortune.



malachite stone grids prosperity Goddess Elite5. Malachite  – This can be used as a way stone or a desire stone; this is not just a good stone to help bring in money, but it helps you remove negativity and is a great one for protection as well.



Now that you have your tools to help you attain the prosperity you deserve, you will want to cleanse the grid area and the crystals before its use. Use sage to cleanse the area and take a bowl of sea salt and place the crystals in there overnight so they are fresh and clean!


Use it, take inspired action – and enjoy the prosperity you deserve!

Tarot Spell Casting

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What Is Tarot Spell Casting And What Can It Do For You?


You may be thinking that the only uses for tarot cards are using them for gaining personal insight or for divination.

But you can also use them for spellcasting.

In a nutshell, tarot spell casting is creating any strong intension by using creative visualization, and you can say it is creative visualization on steroids.


The beauty of tarot spell casting is that it is simple and fast to do.


Unless you choose to add herbs, flowers, candles, or crystals, you don’t necessarily need to do so. But the use of crystals is a good idea such as the Clear Quartz as it can help amplify your intention. And you need to have a notepad and a pen.


Simple and powerful are the keywords when it comes to tarot spellcasting. Now, let’s go to the overview so you see how it is done step-by-step:


Step 1 – Set Your Intention

set your intention tarot spell casting

What is it that you want to bring out when you are casting the spell with tarot?


Be sure to be extremely specific with what your intention is. Don’t be vague or else it will not work.


For instance, if you say that you are setting an intention to make more money, that is too vague. Make it clear that you want to gain financial rewards by doing a specific job. Note your intention down in your notepad.


Step 2 – Take Your Tarot Deck, Find An Area Of The Room To Cast The Spell, And Start Shuffling


sacred spaceTake your tarot deck and go to an area of your room or home that you want to cast the spell (and it is strongly recommended to sage the area before doing any spellwork).


You can light a candle if you wish, but that is optional. Start to shuffle, and then keep the cards face-down. As you are doing so, think of your intention and phrase it with a question.


Choose 3 random cards that you draw with your left hand ( but you can choose more if you decide to, that is up to what you are inclined to do).


Step 3 – Flip The Cards Face-up

tarot cards spreadFlip the cards you had drawn face-up and look at them carefully. Note down what messages you had gotten from each card.

Pay attention to the card that catches your attention first, and if you need your tarot guidebook for further references on what each of the cards represents such as astrological associations, keywords, and so forth, then go to it.

You want to get all of the information as you can so you know how to take the next steps in order to go after your intention.


Step 4- Decide On Your Action Steps

tarot journalingAfter noting down the cards that you had chosen and examining them thoroughly, now it is time to create the right steps of action in order to go after your intention.


These steps should only require you to break it down to a few simple tasks and should not be too time-consuming to the point it would take up too much of your time.


Make sure as well that you jot down your plan of action so you follow through!


Another important note is to know what it means if you pull cards from the Major Arcana or the Minor Arcana, or a mix of both.


Minor Arcana cards – These are the cards that represent the mundane aspects of your daily life.


Pulling only Minor Arcana cards means that the way you approach aspects of your daily life will be different.


For instance, if you pull any card from the Sword suit, it will have an effect on your way of thinking and your beliefs.


If you pull any card from the Cups suit, it will have an effect on the way you feel, as well as you tapping and relying on your intuition and it will have an effect on relationships as well.


If you are pulling cards from the Wands suit, your creativity will need to be utilized, and if you pull from the Pentacles suit, the way you spend money, care for your physical health, and how you approach anything ordinary will be effected.


Major Arcana – These are the cards that represent major life experiences.


Therefore, any Major Arcana card you pull will mean you will have experiences while going after your intention that will transform you in some way.


Odds are you will pull cards from a mixture of the Major and Minor Arcana. This means you will take a mundane aspect of your life and how you go about it will create a deep and transformative experience for you.


Step 5 – Close The Spell And Thank Your Guides

Put the cards away, and thank your spirit guides for giving you the guidance you needed that were conveyed by the tarot cards.


Be sure to note your plan of action down right away or else you will forget!


Here are some sources of tarot casting spells for your reference:

1. https://exemplore.com/fortune-divination/Create-Your-Own-Tarot-Spells-and-Rituals
2. https://www.llewellyn.com/blog/2016/05/15-best-tarot-cards-for-spell-casting/
3. https://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-for-magic/
4. https://www.learnreligions.com/tarot-card-spells-2562774
5. https://www.paganrealms.com/pagan-wiccan-blog/How-to-Use-Tarot-Cards-in-Spell-Casting/

5 Differences Between Lenormand & Tarot Cards

Tarot lenormand cards Goddess Elite North Olmsted Ohio

Anyone who is into tarot reading may or may not know about Lenormand cards.


That depends on the reader whether or not they use both sets of cards as well. In fact, many tarot readers also use Lenormand cards in readings.
Additionally, the general public may know some aspects of tarot cards such as that so-called dreaded Death card (in their eyes for understandable reasons). However, there is a good chance they would not know much for anything about Lenormand cards.
In fact, the general public may think that tarot and Lenormand cards are the same things. The fact of the matter is that no, they are not.
They are quite different. Let’s go over the 5 basic differences between the two card decks right now:

1. The Tarot Deck Has 78 Cards And The Lenormand Deck Has 36 Cards


That alone makes the two types of card decks different. Therefore, based on that, the Lenormand cards are a lot more portable than tarot cards which is understandable.
You can easily take Lenormand cards along with you without the deck taking up much space in your bag or purse, whereas the tarot deck would be much bulkier.
However, there are mini tarot decks that anyone can take along with them which makes it easier to carry around.

2. Tarot Cards Has Suits And The Lenormand Deck Does Not


Tarot cards that have been around since the 15th century contain both the Major and Minor Arcana.
The Major Arcana has 22 cards that represent major life events and themes, and the remaining 56 cards that are in 4 suits (cups, swords, pentacles, and wands) represent more of the mundane. Included are 10 pip and 4 court cards that have numerological, astrological, and Kabbalistic correspondences.
Lenormand cards have correspondences to playing cards from early on, but they don’t have any suits and are not structured that way.

3. Tarot Cards Have Reversals And Lenormand Cards Do Not


Whenever a reversal in the tarot comes up, it often can represent a blockage or something that is extreme. It is viewed as something negative, or a delay.
However, with Lenormand cards, there are no reversals at all and can have both positive or negative representation.
For instance, the Anchor card can have the meaning of stability and being resilient. Those are positive traits. It can however also indicate that there is an inability to move forward. That depends on the context of the reading, of course.

4. The Tarot Is Spiritual And Psychological And Lenormand Is Practical


The tarot appeals to readers who are more spiritual and who enjoy making astrological and numerological correspondences to all aspects of life. In other words, they like to dig deep into the spiritual meanings of things. This is what the tarot provides and gives them the opportunity to do.
However, the Lenormand does not do that as it provides you with practical solutions that can help fix up issues that you are experiencing right then and there. It would be understandable that those who don’t look deep into why things happen and just want to face situations in a logical way only would rather use Lenormand cards.

5. Tarot Cards Read Intuitively And Lenormand Cards Read Syntactically


Both sets of cards stimulate intuition and psychic powers, however, they do so quite differently.
The tarot stimulates the visual and clairvoyant side, and they are good for meditation, spiritual self-growth, and it has collective unconscious connections.
The Lenormand however, is different as it does not go into your deeply spiritual side. It triggers the language area of your brain.
The cards are made up of symbols and keywords that when they are strung together will provide images that can be formed into a sentence. Therefore, you can say that the Lenormand cards bring out messages from an outer source whereas the tarot brings messages from an inner source.


Both sets of cards are used by readers as it was mentioned previously, and that also depends on the individual reader based on their preferences. However, they can be used for confirmation as well.
If a tarot reading brings out an esoteric message for one thing, and a Lenormand reading brings out the same result but in a logical and non-esoteric way, then you know what is going on. And you can find the tools to find a solution.

Shamanism Apprenticeship 2020

shamanism apprenticeship don zane curfman goddess elite


Join don Zane Curfman author of Inka Mountain Magik for an experience of a lifetime, starting April 17, 2020.


The Katari apprenticeship program was created by, don Zane Curfman, and is a cross-cultural shamanic tradition heavily based on the Paqo kuna traditions of the Peruvian Andes.


Delve deep into the mystery of shamanism over seven intense weekends filled with journey work, healing, ceremony and more.


This shamanism apprenticeship program was created for those who feel the call to heal and is a series of weekend retreats, designed to give you all the tools you will need to practice and create your own unique medicine way.


We recently sat down with Zane and asked him some questions about the upcoming shamanism apprenticeship. Here is your chance to find out more about this unique and spiritual journey.


shamanism apprenticeship goddess elite


Why is it called an apprenticeship rather than just a workshop?

It is an apprenticeship because there is a deeper level of commitment in place on each person’s development and mastery of the spiritual art.


The nature of this apprenticeship is a process of personal spiritual development and as we move through the program deeper layers of limiting beliefs and obstructions that have been keeping us from living authentic and empowered lives slowly get brought to the surface to be worked through.


This requires at times support from the group, for this support there is a Facebook group dedicated to our hoop. This is for support as we move through these challenges.


Do I need any previous training to step into learning this tradition?

Absolutely not, as an apprenticeship we start with the basics and as a group become initiated to the deeper mysteries and practices.


Is this a strict religion?

No this is not a strict anything least of all a religion. This is best seen as a spiritual art, it is something based on your own perceptions and with practice, you get better at it -as such it is open to those of any religion.


There are practitioners of this art from all the world’s religions and also practitioners that are of no religious affiliation. This is a mystery school where we learn the lesser and greater mysteries of our creation.


shaman apprenticeship don zane curfman


How does it differ from northern Native traditions?

Well, every indigenous tradition in the Americas has its unique differences. Many of the northern Native traditions were decimated, destroyed in part by the colonists, those that did survive some more whole than others, the deeper mystery teachings are often reserved Only for members of that tribe.


These spiritual arts are living tradition that has survived since time immemorial, passed from one generation to the next in a place so remote that the modern world has had little impact on them. The people who have kept this tradition alive believe that this spiritual art is the birthright of all humans and have freely shared it with the outside world.


Other differences are we do not hold sweat lodges or sacred pipe ceremonies.


How long have you been in this tradition?

I have been learning this tradition for about 18 years and was given permission to teach and share it in 2003 I have been teaching the tradition for a little over 16 years.


shaman apprenticeship don zane curfman goddess elite


How did you get started?

By following my heart is the short answer.


The longer, though not complete answer is that I come from a very spiritual family – my father was a Baptist Missionary Preacher and Freemason who studied many of the world’s religions. His mother practiced the craft and read the cards. My mother was a gifted psychic (a gift passed through her linage) and her mother used to build altars in the woods for prayer and the healing of others.


Both sides of my family come from the Mountains and hollows of Appalachia where the ancient traditions of the water witches, Granny witches, and root working were part of the way of life. All my life I was prone to mystical experiences and served my friends as a type of spiritual advisor. So, in a sense I was raised as a spirit worker this is just how it unfolded in my life.


What do I do with all that I learned after the apprenticeship ends?

Where you take this work after the apprenticeship is up to you, there are many avenues open – Some take the skills they have learned and set up practices as healers, ceremonialist, or spirit workers. Some want to continue learning to become someone who can teach the tradition and initiate others. There are many paths one can follow after the apprenticeship.


What if I’m leery about having to learn a new language?


There is no requirement to learn a new language, this art works just as powerfully in any language. There are a few Quechua terms used during the apprenticeship but they are fully explained in English.


I don’t want to offend anyone, is this cultural appropriation?

Cultural Appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.


This tradition was passed to me by my teachers in the high Andes for the betterment of all humanity. We acknowledge where and who this tradition comes from and the cultural understandings of the tradition, one of which is inclusiveness.


shamanism apprenticeship don zane curfman goddess elite


Eight months seems overwhelming, do I have to attend all eight months?

There is no requirement to attend for the full eight months. You can take a class or two this year and class or two next time or at another location, I am offering it. It is cheaper to commit and pay for the entire program but there is an option to take it one class at a time.


That being said it is important to point out the classes are a modern representation of an ancient process of personal development and must be taken in order, you cannot skip around.


What would a typical weekend of the shamanism apprenticeship look like?

I am a bit limited on what I can say but the typical weekend starts with an opening ceremony on Friday night, Saturday we gather early and go on a field trip to local power spots where we receive traditional initiation, empowerment, and instruction.


Sunday is often dedicated to anchoring the mystical and spiritual experiences into the prayer Mesa as medicines to be used practically for personal growth, healing, and magic.


 Shaman Apprenticeship don zane curfman


Will I be a certified shaman by the end?

No, you will receive a certification of completion.


No matter what you may have been told there is no such thing as a certified shaman. Terms like shaman and shamanism are used as generic catch-all phrases for any practice that has elements of animism, altered states of consciousness, ritual healing and magic.


The word Shaman comes from the Tungus Siberian region and the practitioners of this region are the only true shamans. When the west discovered the new world the learned peoples and priests noticed the similarities between the spiritual practices and world view of the indigenous new world and those of the Tungus Siberian peoples that they were more familiar with and labeled them “Shamans”. Each tribe has its own words for their spirit workers, in this tradition we are called Paqo Kuna meaning nature mystic.


Will I need fancy items and tools?

There are a few items needed for the building of the prayer Mesa, these items are very basic a piece of cloth, a candle, some stones, a sea shell, and a feather. Outside of the prayer Mesa we make use of some perfumes, herbs, and minerals all available and relatively cheap.


How can this shamanism apprenticeship help me grow spiritually?

The shamanism apprenticeship follows an ancient process of personal spiritual development. As we grow in the art we learn how to interact with the spiritual world, we apprentice arts such as spiritual protection, healing, and magic we discover how to safely develop relationships with nature beings, spirits, and ancestors.


 Shaman Apprenticeship don zane curfman goddess elite


I’ve finished the apprenticeship; how do I keep learning?

At this point, you have been taught all you need to practice this spiritual art. As an art, it is based on your perception and you will get better at it through practice you will learn much from practicing this art.


In addition to your own practice, there are other opportunities to learn through additional classes, reunions, and occasional trips to Peru to work there.



For more information and full details of the apprenticeship, please go to https://www.hhhexpos.com/classes/shaman-apprenticeship


Smudging: White Sage & Palo Santo

white sage palo santo smudging goddess elite north olmsted

Smudging is the act of cleansing yourself and your sacred space, your home, or even your workplace. Think of it as spiritual house cleaning.


While there are many different ways to smudge, most people tend to lean towards either sage (white sage) or Palo Santo to keep the good vibes going.


White Sage


Ancient Romans called sage a salvation plant (literally, salvare, meaning ‘to heal’); sage was also used in ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicines for its natural healing properties.


White sage has been used over the years by Indigenous peoples for cleansing, purification, warding off evil spirits, and dispelling negative energies. Often, burning white sage can bring forth wisdom and clarity as it increases your spiritual awareness.


Palo Santo


palo santo goddess elite north olmstedPalo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) translated from Spanish, Palo Santo means ‘Wood of the Saints’ or ‘Sacred Wood.’ is a sacred tree and grows in select parts of South America.


It has been used for many centuries by shamans for sanctification in ritual prayer, ceremonies, and healing. Palo Santo offers a grounded and clear energy while also enhancing creativity and bringing forth good fortune.



White Sage properties and benefits include:


  • Clearing and rebooting energy in a room
  • Restores intuition
  • Offers protection
  • Alleviates stress
  • Increases mindfulness
  • Can kill some airborne bacteria and viruses, like the common cold




Palo Santo properties and benefits include:


  • Clears bad energy
  • Helps with meditation
  • Raises your vibration
  • Increases spiritual awareness
  • Sanctifies your space
  • Can repel some insects





sage smudging intentionsMerely burning either of these will not ensure the utilization of their magical and transforming properties.


Sage and Palo Santo are both smudging tools to be used with intention. You’ll only get out of it what you put into it. The intentions you concentrate on are everything.


At Goddess Elite, we carry both white sage and Palo Santo, as well as other smudging tools and room sprays. Feel free to ask us if you are confused as to what type of cleansing your space or ritual needs.



As with any fire or smoke-related practice, be sure you don’t leave any of your burning sage or Palo Santo sticks unattended.


Protection Stones – List of 13 Stones

protection stones quartz goddess elite north olmsted ohio

Did you know that certain precious stones can protect you against hostile energies and spirits, psychic attacks and curses, and negative energies, including psychic vampires?


Learn all about protection stones in this post.


We’ve compiled a list of 13 stones (in alphabetical order) for you to choose from and combine for the ultimate in protection stones.


amethyst protection stoneAmethyst

This stone can be worn to prevent psychic attacks and to protect the wearer from all types of harm and negativity. Keeping an amethyst cluster in a room will clear out negative or blocked energies. One of the most available, affordable, and popular protection stones.


amber stoneAmber

A tree resin rather than a stone, amber has been worn for thousands of years to bring luck and protection to the wearer. It works wonders when warding off negative energy or attacks from others, and also works very well to relieve depression and lift spirits, especially during gloomy weather.


black onyxBlack Onyx

Blocks negative energies from entering and can help prevent psychic drainage from the aura. A very strong protection stone that assists with personal grounding and centering.


black tourmalineBlack Tourmaline

One of the most powerful protection stones against the negative energy from others in both the earth and the spirit plane, and so it is a good stone to keep next to your bed at night. Keep a piece at your place of work, in a drawer. It is said to reflect negative energy back to the sender. It is also good for deflecting away radiation from electrical equipment, so maybe you want to keep in on your desk if using a computer.


clear quartzClear Quartz

Another popular and readily available protection stone. Clear quartz can transform negative energy into positive. It enhances the aura significantly and amplifies any healing coming from it. It can raise the vibration of personal energy. Clear quartz may even provide protection for the home.


fire agateFire Agate

This stone offers a strong shield of protection. It is a stone that transmutes energy and is excellent for dispelling fear. In fact, all types of agate are useful for protection.


hematite stonesHematite

Hematite aligns with the base chakra and is therefore grounding. It is a potent protection stone and can prevent the wearer from absorbing the negativity projected from others.


kunzite stoneKunzite

A protective stone that can ward away negative energies. This stone is so useful as it also works with the heart and is a powerful stone of love and higher vibrations.


laboradorite stoneLabradorite

One of the best stones for protecting against (negative) energy coming from other people. It efficiently deflects undesirable energies, prevents psychic vampirism as well as spirit possession and/or influence. It creates a shield within the aura.


lapis lazuli stoneLapis Lazuli

Among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, worked from around 4000 B.C. and still in use today. This stone is said to guard the wearer or carrier against negative psychic while it helps us to speak our minds.


obsidian stone protection stonesObsidian

One of the strongest protection stones and can shield us from psychic attacks and is also said to be a shield from emotional and physical attack. It will seek to purify negative energy in its vicinity, also within the aura, making this a very useful stone. This stone can bring out dark energy from within to heal, and as such is also a healing stone that can even work to remove shock or trauma from a person. It could also be used to protect against negative entities and energies.


tiger eye protection stonesTigers Eye

The Tigers Eye stone gets its healing properties from a combination of the Sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. This is a stone of protection and also abundance. It is said to be able to ward off the evil eye.


yellow jasper stoneYellow Jasper

This protection stone can be worn during travel as a shield, known as a travel stone. May also be used to block nuisance energy and create a quiet shield around oneself.


Tarot and Oracle Cards: What’s the Difference?

tarot and oracle cards what is the difference Goddess Elite


With the growing number of new Tarot and Oracle cards coming out, we thought we delve into a simple guide as to the differences between these two different divination tools



tarot cards goddess eliteTarot mainly covers the emotions and why we do things – motivations, psychological reasoning, and feelings/moods. The art of Tarot reading has ancient roots in divination. It is the most common “fortune telling” tool out there.


Tarot has 78 cards – Major Arcana 22 cards and Minor Arcana 56 cards. The Minor cards are divided into 4 elemental suits: Pentacles (Earth), Swords (Air), Wands (Fire), and Cups (Water), with the ace through 10 being the pip cards and Page, Knight, Queen, and King being the court cards.


Structure and Reading Styles

Structure of the Tarot is predictable, while cards may vary depending on which deck you use – example, in some decks Cups will be Chalices, and Swords will be Arrows, and some decks have Prince, Princess, Queen and King as the court cards.


An accomplished and talented Tarot reader can read into the cards how you will respond. Traditionally, Tarot are read as singular cards, although it is always the job of a reader to see how the cards surrounding will affect each position in a reading.


It is a reader’s choice as to how they read and interpret the cards. Some may only use Major Arcana while others use the Major cards to see a karmic path in a full deck reading, and still other readers may take into consideration reversal meanings of the cards.



oracle cards goddess eliteOracle decks offer guidance, clarity into a situation, and even a new perspective.


This style of cards can have a variety of themes from anything like the Law of Attraction and affirmations to the dark night of the soul and shadow self. The number of cards in a deck also varies as this isn’t a set-in-stone style like the Tarot.


Structure and Reading Styles

There are a variety of ways to read Oracle cards from single card draws to full life readings. Some readers use Oracle cards to enhance and visualize more into a Tarot reading, as interpretations are vastly different from a typical Tarot deck.


Oracle decks tend to be more open and flowing in their interpretations. They are much easier to learn and interpret, even with the specialty decks. Again, some readers may use an Oracle deck in addition to Tarot and other divination to give a deep perspective into a reading.


Is one deck better than the other?

No, it all depends on what feels best for the reader. Some people may feel a call to a certain deck, whether it is Tarot or Oracle.


Always go with your gut feeling when choosing a deck to learn and read with, as that will most likely work best for you. Try to incorporate both styles into your readings and see what happens!


5 Questions About The Afterlife

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Whether you are going to see a psychic medium to get answers to questions in your life or to connect with a loved one who has crossed over into the afterlife, there are many questions that revolve around this phenomenon.



In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most wondered or asked questions about psychic mediums and the afterlife.



Is it evil to talk to someone who has passed away?




Religious dogmas have unfortunately taught that talking to a loved one who is on the other side in the afterlife is somehow evil. 


Jesus spoke to the dead, like Moses, in the Bible. If Jesus could, and with God’s permission, why couldn’t you?


Never feel guilty for wanting to talk to your deceased loved ones. Love and spirit are eternal.



Are my loved ones hurting on the other side?


No, your loved ones are not hurting, because there is no physical pain as we know it in the afterlife.


Your loved ones are very much alive and well on the other side – some may even refer to the other side as heaven. While their physical bodies have died, their souls, like everyone’s, are eternal.



Do my loved ones miss me?


Spiritually speaking, no, they don’t. But do not despair!


Your loved ones don’t “miss” you because they have ascended to a higher level of being and consciousness. There is no loss or feelings of missing anything because, in the spirit realm, the soul is all that exists and to want, need, or miss something is a physical human feeling.


Your loved ones are always near, love never dies.


Which brings us to the next question…



Can my loved ones hear me when I talk to them?


Yes! Because your loved ones are in spirit form and on a higher plane of consciousness, they can most definitely hear you when you talk to them.


In fact, you do not even need a psychic medium to tell your deceased loved ones you miss and love them. They know. They can hear you. So, take a moment right now to let your loved ones know you are thinking about them and that you love and miss them.



Do people on the other side ever send signs or am I just crazy?


Your loved ones on the other side are always sending you signs to let them know they hear you and that they are still around, loving you.


The signs they try to convey to you might not be every single time you open up and talk to them, but yes, they love to send you signs – you just need to be open enough to receive them.


This is where going to see a psychic medium can help you decipher these signs and open yourself up to spotting them when they happen.



Because speaking with a medium can be such an emotional experience, it is good that after your session, the best things you can do are to write down everything you can remember from the reading and think about ways you can stay connected to your loved one.


Talk out loud to them, write letters and stories, gather photos that remind you of them and place them around your home – anything that helps you to remain connected to them.


It is a good thing to remember that while speaking with a psychic medium will never avert the pain of losing your loved ones or take away the sadness of not having them physically in your life anymore, they can help you to establish a spiritual connection with your loved ones and help you move through your grieving process.