obsidian stone natural background

Obsidian is formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava in a way that causes it to harden like glass. It is naturally black in color and has a glassy texture. There are several types of Obsidian including snowflake, gold sheen, rainbow, and mahogany.

Obsidian has been around since the beginning of time and was used in a multitude of ways, from jewelry to weapons. It was used to create deadly spears, arrowheads, and other weapons from the Paleolithic Age. But the fascination went beyond the basic utilitarian. It was also coveted by shamans, healers, and stone-age spiritualists. Crystal gazers also craved the stone so they could scry deeper into the spiritual realms.


Healing Properties


This stone is all about stimulating growth, keeping you protected, and connecting with the root chakra. As it penetrates old pain, trauma, and hardship, earth energy shoots through your root chakra, breaking through hard-held barriers.

Obsidian is one of the most protective crystals on the planet, as it keeps your aura safe and protected. This stone can help you overcome your doubts, fears, and anxieties with a sense of hope, and anchors you back to reality. It is a grounding stone deeply rooted in nature. It also acts as a shield against negativity so that you attract positive and kind people into your life.

Obsidian is also a manifestation stone. With Obsidian as your helper, you can reap the happiness of true love, wealth, good health, spiritual wisdom, and life satisfaction.


Different Types of Obsidian


Raw ObsidianThe dark-as-night Black Obsidian is a powerful tool for those seeking protection, grounding, deep-set healing, and truth.



Mahogany Obsidian HeartThe beautifully rich color scheme that ripples through Mahogany Obsidian is known for its fiercely protective powers. For anyone having a vulnerable moment, it can provide you with inner strength in times of need and is said to reduce tension and stress.



rainbow obsidian half moonThe Rainbow Obsidian is a dreamy poetic stone. Like swirling colors in oil, this stone is also used for grounding and centering the wearer. It is also used to keep the root chakra in check. This beautiful stone is said to bring love, joy, and light into your life.



snowflake obsidian tumbledThe Snowflake Obsidian Stone, where dancing patterns of white float beneath the dark surface, is a stone known for its ability to help you shift patterns and comes with all kinds of soothing vibes to temper frayed nerves.



gold sheen obsidian sphereThe Golden Sheen Obsidian is absolutely striking! The beautiful gold sheen is a result of gas getting trapped in the glass as it rapidly solidifies. Also known as the Wizard Stone in ancient times, Golden Sheen Obsidian will help activate your third eye and shines its light on negativity so you move forward with clarity.



Care of Obsidian


To store obsidian, wrap it in a cotton or soft velvet cloth and store it separately from other stones that could possibly create scratches.

You can store this magnificent stone in any place inside your house, but exposing it to sunlight can cause a deeper color display and may fade over time, although its color does not affect its ability to produce energy. Be aware of its color structure or if its color has changed; try to find some more color-safe places to avoid this effect.



Tumbled Carnelian Goddess Elite

What is carnelian?

Carnelian is a chalcedony-based mineral, which ranges in coloration from deep, brown-red to bright orange. While it is normally quite transparent, the banded variety can be much more opaque.

This semi-precious gemstone has a nonmetallic luster, specifically classified as vitreous. This means that unlike some gemstones, which may have pearly or waxy finishes, carnelian generally has a very glossy look, depending on its cut and quality.

Found in multiple countries, including Great Britain, India, Slovakia, Iceland, and Peru– just to name a few. Although this gemstone is fairly common, it is still highly sought after. It has a ranking of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it very durable, and hence very useful in jewelry making.

Metaphysical Properties

This crystal is fiercely powerful. It promotes vitality, courage, and motivation. Carnelian can help you strengthen your Root and Sacral chakras. These energy centers are associated with physical strength, as well as sexual and emotional healing. This gemstone also helps to boost creativity, which in turn, can help you improve your problem-solving skills. 

The properties can range slightly depending on the coloration of the piece. For example, carnelian that is more pink in appearance is used for improving parent-child relationships. In contrast, carnelian that very red in appearance is used for invigorating the body and the mind.

This is a great stone to pair with rose quartz! When going through a breakup, carnelian and rose quartz together can help you let go and boost self-esteem. This combination can also help you increase fertility and connection with loved ones. 

How to Use Carnelian

A great way to utilise the energy of this stone is by wearing it. You can find pendants, bracelets, and even rings made of carnelian. Or, a great option is to use a jewelry cage and choose your very own piece of tumbled stone.

In healing sessions, you can physically place this crystal on different areas of the body. Doing so will help you target specific areas that you want to focus on.

Place larger pieces around your front door for protection. Doing so with intent can also bring abundance into your life.

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Yellow Crazy Lace Agate

What is Agate?

Simply put, agate is a general term used to describe translucent, chalcedony-based minerals.

But then, what is chalcedony? Chalcedony refers to microcrystalline silica, a chemical compound found in concrete, glass, sand, and other common minerals. In the crystal community, silica-based minerals are broken down into two major categories: agate and jasper. Jaspers are very similar to agates in chemical composition, however, the exact opposite in appearance. Jasper is more opaque.

The History of Agate

Originally, scholars believed this mineral was originally found in Sicily, Italy, sometime during the 3rd-century, BCE. However, this information has been heavily disputed, with many believing it was merely named and classified during this time, not discovered. 

What we know now is that agate was highly prized by primitive peoples. Archaeology shows that during the Stone Age (20,000, BCE), artisans made protective amulets out agate. During the Bronze Age, people within the Indus Valley, located in South Asia, polished it into beads.

Although the Greeks may have greatly valued the gemstone and gave it a proper classification, the value and metaphysical use of agate has existed for far longer, and has a place in a wide variety of cultures across the globe.

Metaphysical Properties

Agate is a grounding and stabilizing stone. Helps to create emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Also, can help bring to light hidden circumstances, which may be interfering with your well-being. Improves concentration, perception, analytical abilities, and speaking in truth. For those experiencing negative emotions, it can help foster love and heal trauma. In the spiritual realm, this stone raises consciousness and facilitates growth and stability.

When working with agate, you may not experience strong, immediate effects. Instead, you may find that the effects build gradually over time. For those who are sensitive to energy and easily overwhelmed, this stone can be a gentle tool to use! 

Common Varieties

Like Jasper, this stone classification has many different varieties! The following are some of the most common, as well as some of the rare and unique pieces we have here at Goddess Elite!

Money Agate

With all of the calming energies of agate, this variety has an added financial benefit. Helps to manifest abundance, especially in business and financial ventures. Creates a feeling of enrichment and empowerment, which can help you reach your goals and make money through hard work and well-thought out decisions. 

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace is an excellent emotional healing stone, with strong metaphysical properties. Its energy corresponds to the throat chakra and brings a lovely sense of tranquility, as it alleviates anger and nervous tension. It is a soothing and nurturing stone that will bring you calmness and peace of mind.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace helps one stay in the present moment, no matter how busy they may be. Enjoy the precious times, not putting all your focus towards things that stress you out! This crystal’s energies are strong and energizing, yet soothing. It vibrates at a lower frequency than other gemstones, providing a feeling of deep peace and grounding.

Moss Agate

Good for emotional balance. If you struggle with intense emotions, especially aggression, moss can help balance the polar energies of your personality. Considered a stone for midwives and helps to lessen pain during childbirth. Creates a perfect atmosphere for abundance. Improves self-esteem and communication. Can help reduce sensitivity to weather changes. 

This variety is often paired with tiger’s eye, citrine, pyrite, and green aventurine. Promotes financial prowess and abundance, so pairing it with other money related crystals can help you manifest more cash-flow!

Flower Agate

Tiny chalcedony inclusions create a flower-like pattern in this beautiful pastel gemstone! It is a crystal that connects the heart and root chakras, so great for inner healing and deep meditation. Helps us to embrace our more sensitive side and come to terms with past traumas, which in doing so, removes negative physical and emotional side effects. Bask in affectionate, soothing energy with this gorgeous stone, filled with pink and cream hues. 

Grape Agate 

A stone of tranquility, with gentle and nurturing energy. Promotes self-confidence and maturity. Activates the third-eye chakra, so great for improving intuition and psychic abilities. Grape promotes mental clarity, which can amplify dreams. This stone is great for healers and practitioners, and overall helps people live at a higher frequency in daily life. 

Grape is a type of purple chalcedony, which grows in a bubble-like pattern. Common colorations vary from lilac to dark purple, with rarer pieces including shades of green or combinations of green and purple together. This mineral is quite rare, as it is only found in Indonesia. 

Amethyst Tumbled

The perfect all-around healing stone, amethysts are useful for promoting peace, healing, and relaxation. Even the most heavily faceted refined amethyst can’t claim to have as many faces as it has uses!

Ancient Uses for Amethyst

Because of its beauty, amethysts have long been used for a variety of decorative applications, including:

  • Ancient Egyptian jewelry and sculpture
  • Greco-Roman adornments, such as rings
  • Gemstone drinking cups
  • Adornments in crowns and elaborate formalwear

While some of these uses were purely decorative, many had superstitious or religious meaning.

A Rocky Hangover Cure

In Greece and Rome, amethyst was heavily associated with the god of partying, wine, and ecstasy; the Greeks referred to this god as Dionysus, while Romans called him Bacchus.

Because of the link with the de facto party god, both ancient Greek and Roman artisans would frequently stud their chalices, goblets, and cups with the gemstone. In doing this, they believed that they could prevent themselves from becoming drunk. Even the name of the gemstone reflects this belief. The word “amethyst” is derived from the Koine Greek word for “unintoxicated”, amethystos.

Of course, it’s now known that amethyst won’t do anything to prevent you from getting drunk. However, we’re certain that its inclusion added some bling to many ancient parties.

Gems of Pleasure

Ancient Egyptians seemed to have a similar idea upon discovering the gorgeous purple stone. In this context, amethyst was seen in two ways. On a material level, the stone was a symbol of wealth and power. Symbolically, they were utilized in rituals for increasing virility and ensuring love.

As an aphrodisiac, amethyst was used for both the living and the dead. On the mortal plane, people of status wore amethyst rings, necklaces, and headpieces. For the dead, the gemstone was carved into prayer beads. The deeper purple the gemstone, the more potent its power was believed to be.

Purple Divinity

Another ancient association for amethyst is its literal biblical status. As per the book of Exodus, the purple gemstone was one of twelve to adorn the breastplates of high-ranking priests. Because of this, amethyst is frequently seen in Christian art. In this setting, the stone holds no real functional significance; rather, Christian use of amethyst is meant as an outward symbol of one’s devotion to Christ.

The Origins of Amethyst

While the popularity of amethyst can be attributed purely to its good looks, there may be a bit more to the story than that. Like all other gemstones, this beautiful relic of the earth is forged from the fires of the earth’s ancient past.

More precisely, amethyst is derived from a mixture of water, iron, and a bit of gamma radiation. This isn’t to say that the stones, themselves, are radioactive, though! By the time the gemstone is mined, it’s free of this energy. Nonetheless, that power has cemented the color of the stone. While there’s a bit of nitty-gritty science behind all of this, the basic gist of the idea is that the radioactivity reacts with the iron in the deposits that form the stone. The more iron there is in the deposit, the richer the color will be.

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Raw Stones

Crystals, with their shining, gorgeous beauty, have always fascinated humans. From precious gemstones to unique natural formations, nature has a way of turning the most mundane of elements into something beautiful.

People have prized these gems for an unimaginably long time. We’ve carved pendants from their shimmering, glasslike bodies and created mystical, ritualistic uses for them. Chief among these uses is the complex web of meaning and symbolism behind healing stones.

A Brief Review

Incorporating crystals into rituals of healing is nothing new. It’s likely that every civilization has, at one point or another, held their own unique take on crystal-based healing. Prominent examples of sophisticated crystalline beliefs can be found in Buddhist, Hindu, First Nation, and occult European texts.

Today, the New Age beliefs of the 1970’s and 80’s are the most influential source for crystal-based healing. This intellectual approach combined elements of historic practices, indigenous beliefs, and modern creativity. Since then, these ideas have been adapted and tweaked by a variety of groups and individuals.

3 Beautiful Healing Stones to Know About

Today, there are countless variations of healing crystal compilations and dictionaries available. While there’s no singular, central consensus, there are a few gemstones with meanings that are so ubiquitous that it’s worth knowing about them.

Malachite: Transformation

As gorgeous as it is useful, malachite is a wonderful way to get your new year started! At its core, Malachite promotes transformation. It cleanses, promotes renewal of your chakras, and balances your mind. While the mineral may come in a variety of colors depending on what it is combined with, the most famous variety is green.

Sapphire: Discipline and Awareness

Historically associated with romance, devotion, and religious clergy, the gorgeous, deep blue hue of a sapphire is perfect for improving your discipline and mental focus. Its visual beauty is matched by its dynamic nature; a variety of problems and ailments can be eased by the presence of sapphire. Some of the most prominent effects are:

  • Relief from headaches, vertigo, and visual problems
  • Increased mental awareness
  • Awareness and acceptance of beauty
  • Improved intuition

Lapis Lazuli: Power and Creativity

Yet another gorgeous blue stone, lapis lazuli is a luxurious and useful stone to have as an accessory. Its beautiful, deep color allowed for the stone to be pulverized and used in paints and dyes. In other instances, astute gem aficionados cut and polished the blue gem for jewelry and sculpting. Its inspiring beauty has made it the central fixture of many works of art, including Hayao Miyazaki’s anime classic, Castle in the Sky.

On a spiritual level, lapis lazuli is revered for its ability to open the mind to new possibilities. In addition to vitality and romance, this gemstone also promotes creativity and thoughtfulness.

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While books and websites (just like this one!) may have their own interpretations, the most important thing to remember about crystals is that their meaning is not set in stone. You can define your world and see it as you want; whether or not you wish to conform to rigid structures is up to you! Regardless of what you decide to do, Goddess Elite will always be here to provide you with the highest quality minerals, gems, and formations.


Throughout history, humans have created things that reflect the world around them. Whether that object is a recreation of reality or an abstraction, its ultimate purpose is rooted in an appreciation for the world around us.

In its most basic form, stripped of detail and definition, our world is a combination of simple shapes. Through the course of civilization, these shapes have often been ascribed different meanings. Circles, for example, are commonly seen as signs of repetitive cycles.

Aside from circles, however, two shapes stand out among the rest for their importance: pyramids and towers.

Icons of Power

At its core, most art is rooted in a need to either preserve an idea or convey a message. In many cases, that “message” tends to be “I am in charge”. There are a few variations of this, —”I am the divine”, “I am the best”, or “I beat up those other guys”, for instance—but the underlying message is one of superiority.

The Point of the Issue

Obelisks, such as the Washington Monument, are some of the oldest forms of shaped monumental architecture. Though modern associations may call to mind something a bit more childish, it wasn’t so long ago that these pointed towers were erected as symbols of imperial conquest.

Even further back in the timeline, obelisks were built as a way to convene with the heavens. Almost four thousand years ago, these towers were painstakingly hewn from stone by Ancient Egyptians as a way to remind viewers of the almighty wrath of Ra, the sun god.

At the same time, these monuments were also made to mark tombs. In their mourning, these Ancient Egyptians crafted towering pillars to connect their dead with the rays of sun from the heavens.

Stability and Might

Another iconic shape of the ancient and modern world is the classical pyramid. Four triangles, attached to a square base, form one of the most instantly recognizable representations of endurance and stability mankind has ever created. Studies have shown that the shape of these structures is the secret to their long standing existence. When building with heavy stone, pyramids are the most stable shape to use.

Beyond their sheer practicality, pyramids also served as a reference to the divine might of gods. The triangular shapes recall the sun’s rays, while the sheer height of these monuments emphasizes the power of the leader. Interestingly, the same solar symbolism can be found across the globe, in South American civilizations, such as the Inca and Maya.

Claiming Your Power

Today, it’s much harder to find massive pyramids and obelisks in the wild. People simply aren’t building these monumental structures anymore. Their symbolism, however, remains the same. In fact, you can claim the same power and prestige in your own life by welcoming some of the same shapes into your home.

To make it easier, Goddess Elite is excited to announce that all of our crystal points, pyramids, and towers are on sale for 20% off! We’re also happy to aid your selection process by providing a quick overview of these shapes.

Crystal Points

Resembling a small double-sided obelisk, these thin gemstones are often used to charge, generate, and direct energy within crystal grids. Useful for central placement within grids, the points of these gemstones are used as energy thoroughfares.


The stable pyramid is a twofold shape: it grounds and manifests energies and desires. At its base, a crystal pyramid creates a rooted, firm foundation for your idea. This intention rises and is channeled to the universe through the pointed peak.


Like points, towers are meant to channel energy. Shape-wise, towers are identical to obelisks. Unlike points, however, these single-tipped gemstones are used to direct energy from the earth to the heavens.

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