5 Differences Between Lenormand & Tarot Cards

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Anyone who is into tarot reading may or may not know about Lenormand cards.


That depends on the reader whether or not they use both sets of cards as well. In fact, many tarot readers also use Lenormand cards in readings.
Additionally, the general public may know some aspects of tarot cards such as that so-called dreaded Death card (in their eyes for understandable reasons). However, there is a good chance they would not know much for anything about Lenormand cards.
In fact, the general public may think that tarot and Lenormand cards are the same things. The fact of the matter is that no, they are not.
They are quite different. Let’s go over the 5 basic differences between the two card decks right now:

1. The Tarot Deck Has 78 Cards And The Lenormand Deck Has 36 Cards


That alone makes the two types of card decks different. Therefore, based on that, the Lenormand cards are a lot more portable than tarot cards which is understandable.
You can easily take Lenormand cards along with you without the deck taking up much space in your bag or purse, whereas the tarot deck would be much bulkier.
However, there are mini tarot decks that anyone can take along with them which makes it easier to carry around.

2. Tarot Cards Has Suits And The Lenormand Deck Does Not


Tarot cards that have been around since the 15th century contain both the Major and Minor Arcana.
The Major Arcana has 22 cards that represent major life events and themes, and the remaining 56 cards that are in 4 suits (cups, swords, pentacles, and wands) represent more of the mundane. Included are 10 pip and 4 court cards that have numerological, astrological, and Kabbalistic correspondences.
Lenormand cards have correspondences to playing cards from early on, but they don’t have any suits and are not structured that way.

3. Tarot Cards Have Reversals And Lenormand Cards Do Not


Whenever a reversal in the tarot comes up, it often can represent a blockage or something that is extreme. It is viewed as something negative, or a delay.
However, with Lenormand cards, there are no reversals at all and can have both positive or negative representation.
For instance, the Anchor card can have the meaning of stability and being resilient. Those are positive traits. It can however also indicate that there is an inability to move forward. That depends on the context of the reading, of course.

4. The Tarot Is Spiritual And Psychological And Lenormand Is Practical


The tarot appeals to readers who are more spiritual and who enjoy making astrological and numerological correspondences to all aspects of life. In other words, they like to dig deep into the spiritual meanings of things. This is what the tarot provides and gives them the opportunity to do.
However, the Lenormand does not do that as it provides you with practical solutions that can help fix up issues that you are experiencing right then and there. It would be understandable that those who don’t look deep into why things happen and just want to face situations in a logical way only would rather use Lenormand cards.

5. Tarot Cards Read Intuitively And Lenormand Cards Read Syntactically


Both sets of cards stimulate intuition and psychic powers, however, they do so quite differently.
The tarot stimulates the visual and clairvoyant side, and they are good for meditation, spiritual self-growth, and it has collective unconscious connections.
The Lenormand however, is different as it does not go into your deeply spiritual side. It triggers the language area of your brain.
The cards are made up of symbols and keywords that when they are strung together will provide images that can be formed into a sentence. Therefore, you can say that the Lenormand cards bring out messages from an outer source whereas the tarot brings messages from an inner source.


Both sets of cards are used by readers as it was mentioned previously, and that also depends on the individual reader based on their preferences. However, they can be used for confirmation as well.
If a tarot reading brings out an esoteric message for one thing, and a Lenormand reading brings out the same result but in a logical and non-esoteric way, then you know what is going on. And you can find the tools to find a solution.

Tarot and Oracle Cards: What’s the Difference?

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With the growing number of new Tarot and Oracle cards coming out, we thought we delve into a simple guide as to the differences between these two different divination tools



tarot cards goddess eliteTarot mainly covers the emotions and why we do things – motivations, psychological reasoning, and feelings/moods. The art of Tarot reading has ancient roots in divination. It is the most common “fortune telling” tool out there.


Tarot has 78 cards – Major Arcana 22 cards and Minor Arcana 56 cards. The Minor cards are divided into 4 elemental suits: Pentacles (Earth), Swords (Air), Wands (Fire), and Cups (Water), with the ace through 10 being the pip cards and Page, Knight, Queen, and King being the court cards.


Structure and Reading Styles

Structure of the Tarot is predictable, while cards may vary depending on which deck you use – example, in some decks Cups will be Chalices, and Swords will be Arrows, and some decks have Prince, Princess, Queen and King as the court cards.


An accomplished and talented Tarot reader can read into the cards how you will respond. Traditionally, Tarot are read as singular cards, although it is always the job of a reader to see how the cards surrounding will affect each position in a reading.


It is a reader’s choice as to how they read and interpret the cards. Some may only use Major Arcana while others use the Major cards to see a karmic path in a full deck reading, and still other readers may take into consideration reversal meanings of the cards.



oracle cards goddess eliteOracle decks offer guidance, clarity into a situation, and even a new perspective.


This style of cards can have a variety of themes from anything like the Law of Attraction and affirmations to the dark night of the soul and shadow self. The number of cards in a deck also varies as this isn’t a set-in-stone style like the Tarot.


Structure and Reading Styles

There are a variety of ways to read Oracle cards from single card draws to full life readings. Some readers use Oracle cards to enhance and visualize more into a Tarot reading, as interpretations are vastly different from a typical Tarot deck.


Oracle decks tend to be more open and flowing in their interpretations. They are much easier to learn and interpret, even with the specialty decks. Again, some readers may use an Oracle deck in addition to Tarot and other divination to give a deep perspective into a reading.


Is one deck better than the other?

No, it all depends on what feels best for the reader. Some people may feel a call to a certain deck, whether it is Tarot or Oracle.


Always go with your gut feeling when choosing a deck to learn and read with, as that will most likely work best for you. Try to incorporate both styles into your readings and see what happens!