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Gonesh Gardenia Incense

A lovely floral blend reminiscent of summer. Package contains 20 sticks of high quality charcoal incense. Gonesh products are made with the highest quality raw materials. Gonesh’s Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market – It delivers the purest, cleanest burn, and crystal clear fragrances.


Larimar Sterling Pendant

Larimar is a natural stone sourced from the Dominican Republic.  It is used to improve communication between humans and animals.  It soothes and balances excess energy and also helps heal throat and upper respiratory ailments.  Heals past-life relationships and heart trauma.  Stimulates creativity and encourages “going with the flow”. Best used when held or worn …


Sunstone Sterling Pendant

Sunstone is a manifesting stone said to attract good opportunities.  It is believed to promote independence and creative expression.  Physically, it is used to increase energy, improve metabolism, harmonize the body’s systems.  Also lifts dark moods and negative thoughts.  Especially effective to treating seasonal affective disorder. Sterling silver.  Total pendant length is 1”.


Tourmalinated Quartz Sterling Pendant

Tourmalinated Quartz is a combination of quartz and tourmaline.  This stone is used to decrease fear, enhance mental awareness and intuition.  It  also balances the central nervous system, relieves stress due to anxiety and improves overall sense of well-being. Sterling silver.  Total pendant length is approximately 1.5”


Amethyst Sterling Pendant

Amethyst is a stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall.  Used for meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions.  Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities.  Wear when sleeping or awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience and nightmares. Sterling silver. Total pendant length is 1”


Amethyst Elestial

Amethyst is a stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall.  Used for meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions.  Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities.  Wear when sleeping or awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience and nightmares.  3” tall, 3.25” wide 7.75” thick


Wicked Good Sweetgrass Oil

Sweet grass is treasured by the Sioux, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Lakota and other native American peoples and associate the scented grass with the compassionate creation goddess Wohpe.


Energy & Will Votive

Energy Power Votive is a spicy orange candle with a sandalwood & ginger essential blend. 10 hour burn time votives. From the center of your will, anything can be accomplished, for this is the first step on the road to manifesting your desires. Inspiration is the breeze that enflames the embers of your spirit, but …


Crow Tarot

Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. This artfully created 78-card deck is infused with the familiar symbolism of the traditional Rider-Waite® Tarot, making it ideal for both beginners and professional readers. The 88-page guidebook presents upright …


Enchanted Blossoms

This wholly unique oracle concept combines the majesty of dragons with the delicate beauty of butterfly wings. With its stylish Victorian borders and brilliant color palette, the art in this oracle draws the eye, the imagination, and the spirit into a reading. Empowering key words convey hope, love, beauty, comfort, encouragement, and more. The enchanted …


Universal Waite Tarot In Tin

Pocket-sized deck in a collectable tin. The serene Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and readings. The deck is a soothing, eye-appealing complement to the traditional Rider-Waite® deck. The drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Includes 36-page booklet. ISBN 978-1-57281-967-2


Blank Tarot Deck

Make your own tarot, playing cards, or original game deck with a set of 80 round-cornered, blank cards with tarotee plaid backs. Also perfect for creating flash cards, educational cards, recipe cards and many other projects. The cards have a water-based playing card varnish that works well with markers, pens, crayons, colored pencils and paint. …


The Three Rays Of Witchcraft

Inspired by a Vision of Awen depicting a spear, a flowering branch, and a horned serpent emanating from three drops of wisdom, surrounded by three worlds, Penczak received a teaching to reconcile many disparate parts of modern witchcraft into a cohesive body of magickal lore for personal evolution and enlightenment. ISBN: 0982774303   EAN: 9780982774304


Coven Club Journal

Lined pages, perfect for your thoughts and workings.   ISBN: 1099736668   EAN: 9781099736667


The Druid Magic Handbook

The first and only Druidic book of spells, rituals, and practice. The Druid Magic Handbook is the first manual of magical practice in Druidry, one of the fastest growing branches of the Pagan movement. The book breaks new ground, teaching Druids how to practice ritual magic for practical and spiritual goals within their own tradition. What sets The …


Basic Witch Journal

Lined journal perfect for your thoughts and musings,  makes a great gift!   ISBN: 1099736544   EAN: 9781099736544


Witch Please Journal

Lined notebook perfect for your musings and workings, makes a great gift! ISBN: 1099737249   EAN: 9781099737244


The Magical Art Of Crafting Charm Bags

Charm bags, also known as mojo bags and gris-gris bags, may be the most popular style of amulet or talisman in the world today. Around the globe, they are crafted by people from many cultures and spiritual traditions and are created for many purposes. Until now there has been no definitive guide to the art …


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