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Who is the artist for January?

Meet Nadiya Seniv!

Nadiya Sleepadelicc local artist

My name is Nadiya, and I create art with a variety of media. Since I was 6 years old, I attended my aunt’s Ukrainian art studio and nurtured my love for painting and drawing. I went every week for the next decade. Beyond that, I slowly developed a surreal style that reflected my inner self and experiences. 

I love falling into a deep, meditative state when I create and listen to my favorite music. I create the kind of art I want to surround myself with, to make my room feel like a cozy, magical haven. I began selling my work through Instagram where beyond originals, I also sell prints, shirts, stickers, and jewelry!

Diving into different creative hobbies is my favorite pastime, however, painting and drawing is my first love. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to display and sell my work here at Goddess Elite.

                                         Local Artist Cosmic Skin on canvas    Opposition Local Artist on canvas

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