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Fun Magic Kit

Fun little kit that includes a magic oil, pendulum and bag, pocket stone, tea light and a 3 tarot card reading.  Comes in a reusable tin for your magic needs later. Varieties of each kind of items within the kit will vary, making each one unique!


Healing Kit

These kits include: Blue Kyanite: balance all chakras Quartz: amplify healing Rose Quartz: healing of self Roll on oils: Healing, Protection, Chakra Balancing, Prosperity


Love Spell Tin Kit

These fun kits include: pink and white mini spell candles, love oil, rose quartz chip bracelet, heart charm, love drawing incense, tumbled rose quartz and quartz. Basic spell working: anoint candles with oil after inscribing candles with intentions, place stones around candles. Light incense. Slowly pass the bracelet and charm through the incense and then …


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