• Plant Witchery: Discover the Sacred Language, Wisdom, and Magic of 200 Plants

    Plant Witchery

  • This comprehensive resource builds your confidence with plants like burdock, calendula, cinnamon, cowslip, and thorn apple. With associations to astrology, deities, angels, and spirits, you can easily infuse more plants—such as foxglove,

    Magical Herb Compendium

  • The herbana witch is a green witch who uses the power of nature and the wisdom of the forest and who has a deep understanding of herbs, barks, mushrooms, roots, flowers, and woodland plants.

    Herbana Witch

  • Energetic Herbalism

    Energetic Herbalism

  • Hearth & Home Witchcraft

    Hearth And Home Witchcraft

  • The Path of the Hedge Witch

    The Path Of The Hedge Witch

  • Olive Leaves .5oz

  • Hoodoo Herbal book cover

    Hoodoo Herbal

    $15.96 Sale!
  • Weedy Wisdom For The Curious Forager

    Weedy Wisdom For The Curious Forager

  • The Hearth Witch's Kitchen Herbal

    The Hearth Witch’s Kitchen Herbal

  • Stevia Leaf

    Stevia Leaf .5oz

  • Wormwood .5 Oz

  • rose petals .05oz

    Rose Petals & Buds .5oz

  • Garden Witch's Herbal

    Garden Witch’s Herbal

  • Modern Witchcraft GT Magical Herbs