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Night of Hekate


Hekate (also spelled ‘Hecate’) is the Greek Goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the underworld, and childbirth.


Hekate's night November 16She is the goddess of the three paths, goddess of the crossroads, both physical and spiritual. As a Triple Goddess, Hekate rules the realms of Earth, Sea, and Sky, the conjunction of past, present, and future, as well as the Moon, Earth, and Underworld.

Hekate is considered by many as the protectress of the oppressed, the marginalized, and witches. As the Goddess of the in-between, the liminal spaces, the boundaries, and the transitional times of life including birth and death, she carries a torch for illumination. This illumination is not just of the dark, but of our personal pathways, especially our shadow side, guiding us through our choices at the crossroads and the path we eventually choose.

Hekate’s time is that of the Dark Moon, the time of release and renewal.

She is also honored on the 30th of each month, at the Dark Moon, and at the beginning of sunset on November 16th (and until sunset the next day) each year, known as The Night of Hekate.


Hekate’s Night Ritual


Hekate’s ancient devotees held dinners in her honor known as Hekate Suppers.

On Hekate’s Night, food offerings consisting of any of the following that Hekate (and her dogs) love are served:

  • wine
  • honey
  • crescent-shaped bread and pastries
  • eggs
  • garlic
  • fish
  • mushrooms


These offerings of food are both consumed by those celebrating and left out by the front door (the “crossroad” between indoors and outdoors, between one’s private space and public spaces) or at a crossroad, on a (perishable) plate or flat stone, as an offering to Hekate as she roamed the Earth by night with her sacred dogs, and to invite her blessings for those who dwell inside.

Make your invocation and petition, this is a good time to ask for her assistance to release something from your life, and then walk away without looking back. Encountering or hearing a dog is an indication that your petition has been heard by Hekate and her sacred dogs.

On this night, it is good to acknowledge Hekate’s strength. Recognize her as the ultimate protector of all realms of existence.