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Evil Eye Goddess Elite item

The evil eye is a symbol with deep history. What is often seen as a basic image has actually been used as a protective talisman for thousands of years.

Over five-thousand years ago, Mesopotamians started carrying clay, eye-shaped talismans in order to ward off others’ ill will. In 1500 BCE, Meditarrians created the iconic blue-eyed glass beads, which are still manufactured to this day. Evil eye symbols hold a place in a variety of cultures. They are especially prominent in the Balkans and West Asia, often associated with India in particular.

The evil eye gets its title from a curse of the same name. Since ancient times, people have believed that others’ cast their bad intent through malevolent stares. This symbol is meant to bring in good luck, while blocking the wearer of negative energy and reflecting it back onto the perpetrator, like a mirror. Depending on the wearer’s intent, the evil eye can be used in a gentle manner, by letting the offender learn and grow from their mistakes.

Often, eye talismans are dark blue in coloration. This practice actually comes from the ancient Egyptians. When glazed mud is baked, high levels of copper and cobalt oxidize, which creates vibrant blue hues. Dark blue eye talismans are associated with karma, calmness, and communication, however as humans’ artistic abilities have grown and changed over time, so has the depiction of ancient symbols. Nowadays, you can find evil eyes in every color!

There are many ways in which you can protect yourself with the evil eye. Wearing jewelry as a daily practice helps you to defend yourself. You can also place talismans in your car, home, and work space. One of our favorite protection items is our exclusive spray, which is a blend inspired by the talisman.

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