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Throughout history, humans have created things that reflect the world around them. Whether that object is a recreation of reality or an abstraction, its ultimate purpose is rooted in an appreciation for the world around us.

In its most basic form, stripped of detail and definition, our world is a combination of simple shapes. Through the course of civilization, these shapes have often been ascribed different meanings. Circles, for example, are commonly seen as signs of repetitive cycles.

Aside from circles, however, two shapes stand out among the rest for their importance: pyramids and towers.

Icons of Power

At its core, most art is rooted in a need to either preserve an idea or convey a message. In many cases, that “message” tends to be “I am in charge”. There are a few variations of this, —”I am the divine”, “I am the best”, or “I beat up those other guys”, for instance—but the underlying message is one of superiority.

The Point of the Issue

Obelisks, such as the Washington Monument, are some of the oldest forms of shaped monumental architecture. Though modern associations may call to mind something a bit more childish, it wasn’t so long ago that these pointed towers were erected as symbols of imperial conquest.

Even further back in the timeline, obelisks were built as a way to convene with the heavens. Almost four thousand years ago, these towers were painstakingly hewn from stone by Ancient Egyptians as a way to remind viewers of the almighty wrath of Ra, the sun god.

At the same time, these monuments were also made to mark tombs. In their mourning, these Ancient Egyptians crafted towering pillars to connect their dead with the rays of sun from the heavens.

Stability and Might

Another iconic shape of the ancient and modern world is the classical pyramid. Four triangles, attached to a square base, form one of the most instantly recognizable representations of endurance and stability mankind has ever created. Studies have shown that the shape of these structures is the secret to their long standing existence. When building with heavy stone, pyramids are the most stable shape to use.

Beyond their sheer practicality, pyramids also served as a reference to the divine might of gods. The triangular shapes recall the sun’s rays, while the sheer height of these monuments emphasizes the power of the leader. Interestingly, the same solar symbolism can be found across the globe, in South American civilizations, such as the Inca and Maya.

Claiming Your Power

Today, it’s much harder to find massive pyramids and obelisks in the wild. People simply aren’t building these monumental structures anymore. Their symbolism, however, remains the same. In fact, you can claim the same power and prestige in your own life by welcoming some of the same shapes into your home.

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Crystal Points

Resembling a small double-sided obelisk, these thin gemstones are often used to charge, generate, and direct energy within crystal grids. Useful for central placement within grids, the points of these gemstones are used as energy thoroughfares.


The stable pyramid is a twofold shape: it grounds and manifests energies and desires. At its base, a crystal pyramid creates a rooted, firm foundation for your idea. This intention rises and is channeled to the universe through the pointed peak.


Like points, towers are meant to channel energy. Shape-wise, towers are identical to obelisks. Unlike points, however, these single-tipped gemstones are used to direct energy from the earth to the heavens.

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